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2023.06.09 17:47 Upset-Wish3552 CHARGE OFF FROM CFNA/FIRESTONE

Hello everyone,
you guys are all so helpful so I figured I'd throw my situation into the mix and see what comments there are.
So made some mistakes in the past when it comes to my credit, previously had like a 730, and after some hardships, my CFNA (Credit First Tires plus ) card ended up being charged off. It's Amount left is $616
its been charged off since DEC 2022
Outside of that, I also had a citi bank credit card I've had for like 4 years, it was my longest card, end up being closed by the company recently. IT did have a balance of $400, but I've paid that off, even though its currently closed.
Outside of this, I have started adding Tradelines like Kikoff, Cred Ai, Ava App, Grain, Stellar Fi as a nice mix of credit.
I finally got out of my Tech Support Supervisor role making like $13 an hour, to a Project Coordinator position making $83K last month, so I'm definently thankful to be in a better position.
So currently my scores are, as I've last checked : Transunion : 516, Equifax 479, Experian 497
I just want to get back to my credit being in the 690-700's and beyond.
Because we always want to get better.
One of my goals this year is to be able to actually qualify rent wise for an apartment without credit being an issue.
ANy tips or advice, grateful for.
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2023.06.09 17:46 i-fart-butterflies I’m killing myself

Lost my boyfriend and my job in the same fucking week and I’m getting evicted. My cat is dying and it all happened right before my fucking birthday!
I swear to God, I’m gonna come back as a ghost and torment you for the rest of your life. Yes, I hated that place. Yes, it was a terrible neighborhood. Yes, it’s true. I didn’t have any fucking friends. Yeah, I lived in a shitty mood. Yes I lived in a shitty apartment that was making me sick and full of roaches and mold But I had a stable fucking job you asshole, and I gave that up to move because I thought you were all in. Because you told me you were all in. I thought that I was going to get a job over here because they said they could just transfer me to another store. But the transfer process fell through and now I’m unemployed because of YOU and your bullshit indecision. Typical worthless commitment-phobic dishonest lazy millennial piece of trash! I swear to God, I’m the only person in my generation with any fucking values Who actually gives a shit about how my decisions impact other people.
You do not get to initiate a long distance, relationship with someone who knows what they want, who wants somebody who actually wants to build a life with someone, tell them that you are in love with them and you want to be with them and convince them to move over to be closer to you when all you wanted was So when you could casually sleep with with no actual relationship because you’re not over your stupid fucking ex.
You made me think you were serious about me. When all you wanted was a fucking booty call. Telling me you loved me, spending all this time with me, telling me that you wanted this to be a serious relationship and build a life with me, and saw yourself being with me years into the future. Go fuck yourself.
I don’t think you realized how much your indecision has screwed me over. It’s impossible to find a job here. I lived in the ghetto, so getting into a retail position with no problem Even though I had an associates degree because even though I was uneducated, at least I wasn’t a convict with a criminal record and gang activity. Basically cream of the crop in an area like that. But no, up here in the big city like this they don’t even want someone applying to be a sales associate in the store that pays $10 an hour unless they have a fucking doctorate!
I am finished with you. I am finished with this life. If I don’t kill myself now, I’m just going to die a slow, painful death on the streets. At this point, it’s a mercy kill because I would rather shoot myself in the head while I’m still living in a nice clean air conditioned apartment and have the money to do so then die of heat exhaustion and starvation on the streets BECAUSE OF WHAT I GAVE UP TO BE WITH A STUPID MAN WITH COMMITMENT ISSUES WHO IS ONE HELL OF A FUCKING LIAR. I really thought I’d be able to find a job here. Don’t you dare fucking cry when I die you life ruining son of a bitch. Don’t pretend you give a shit. I hate you. I will make sure when I die there is a spot in hell carved out with your name on it, asswipe!
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2023.06.09 17:46 Wan_Haole_Faka Do I have unhealthy expectations relating to used car maintenance records?

Hi all,
Basically, I have about $15 K that I could spend on a used Tacoma, but I can't decide if I should do that or get a used motorcycle for 4-6K.
I have an '05 Toyota Solara in the shop now with 248,000 miles on it. I'm getting the ignition switch and power steering pump replaced and just had the front struts done.
Basically, I'm wanting to move to a new city for other job opportunities and I want something more reliable that won't cause me to miss work and that I can also use for side jobs (I work in plumbing).
My concern with spending $15K on a Tacoma is how do I know it's been well-cared for? I have all the oil change records for my car and it might last another 100K, I just don't want to risk missing work at a new job because of it.
I currently have a company van, but was given it arguably too early. When I switch companies, I likely won't have my own work van for 3-12 months or thereabouts.
I couldn't do side jobs with a motorcycle, but it would be a more economical way to have a backup for getting to work if there were a problem with my Solara.
Whatever I do, I'll be paying cash because I don't want any more hard inquiries on my credit, thus the reason for not financing a newer truck. I may need to pass a credit check for an apartment rental and have two hard inquiries fall off in December. If I got a motorcycle, I would end up buying a newer Tacoma once my Solara is beyond repair or Toyota stops making parts for it.
However, is there a way to buy used trucks/cars with a verified service record? Is that what "certified preowned" means? I've never bought a used car before, so I appreciate any and all insights.
Thank you and have a great weekend!
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2023.06.09 17:41 Seeyouon_otherside The Isolationists - Chapter 34: Spark of Rebellion

Memory Transcription Subject: Bosjin, Zeyzell Planetary Defense Corps
I lined up the xeno in my scope as I laid on a nearby snowdrift, waiting for it to move away from the group of civilians it and its allies had captured. The things had arrived in this town an hour ago were injecting them with what I assumed was their so-called “Cure.” I growled when a crying kit was ripped away from their parent and stuck with a syringe. The parent yowled in fury and leaped at the xeno, trying to clamber up its larger frame and clawing at its eyes. The Kolshian slammed the parent into a wall before raising its weapon.
May Maa scorch whatever twisted essence substitutes for your soul.
I squeezed the trigger, sending a single bullet into its brain. The other xenos whirled their guns around, looking for the sniper. I adjusted my aim and iced what looked like the leader. Xeno blood began to stain the snowy ground. Bullets rained down on my general position, forcing me to back away and crawl to a new vantage point. The filthy things had murdered my entire squad and dispersed their cure over entire cities. I’d been able to scrounge up an old gas mask from a now-destroyed armory, meaning that the things would either have to take the time to capture and inject a single soldier or, more likely, just kill me.
I circled around the group of xenos, using my pure white fur to camouflage myself. I was a phantom, striking quickly before retreating back into the snow. The snow and ice were our turf. We’d evolved to use it to our advantage. The xenos would have to pay dearly for every scrap they took from us. Reaching another secure position, I iced another two xenos before instantly darting away before they could react. That wide vision of theirs did absolutely nothing against a ghost of the snow.
“Predator!” I heard one of them call. “Stand down!”
I ignored it, scrambling a nearby frost-tree, taking care not to rustle the sparkling and brittle leaves. I raised the scope to my eye once more before I paused. One of the xenos was holding a rifle to the back of the kit’s head. Other xenos were doing the same to other civilians.
“Predator!” it called again. “Surrender or we will begin executing your people!”
The wind began to pick up, kicking up snow, making it harder for them to see. It would also distort the direction of my voice.
“You’re going to do it anyway, xeno!” I retorted, clambering down the tree and circling the group once more. Just because it was harder for them to pinpoint me, didn’t mean I was safe.
“You would take that chance, predator-”
The wind began howling, drowning out anything else it was saying. Flurries of snow began to batter the area. I chuckled. Snowstorms this strong were dangerous even to us. These furless xenos wouldn’t last ten minutes. I slung my rifle behind me and unsheathed my knife, edging closer to their position. Some infrared goggles would be handy right now, but I still had the advantage. My eyes, evolved to handle the icy debris, could see better than the unprepared things. I had heard that the Federation used climate-altering technology to suit their exact needs on every planet. The Unity also did such things on occasion, but only on planets without life. Pydoria Rusarth’s climate was more or less the same as it had ever been, ignoring the effects of (mostly) eco-friendly colonization.
The relative unpredictability of this planet’s weather patterns had thrown the things off guard. I paused when the first xeno silhouette came into view. It was raking its gun all around it in a paranoid manner. I snuck up behind it, taking care to stay in its blind spot and freezing whenever its gaze fell on my location. It was a bit undignifying to be crawling along my stomach like this, but the giddiness of being able to ice my home’s invaders made up for it.
I was right next to it. I raised my blade and slashed it across the back of the creature’s knees. It fell with a yelp that was quickly silenced with a cut throat. Leaving it to bleed out, I moved on until I caught sight of a few prisoners with a pair of xeno guards. The wind was screaming now, as if the planet itself was howling its pain and fury at those who dared attack it. I raised my rifle and fired, the gunshot muffled by the wind. One xeno went down and the other was too busy shielding itself against the unforgiving cold to notice.
The prisoners took notice of the fallen xeno and some of them took the opportunity to bolt away. The others turned to the still-living xeno and unsheathed their claws. A single Zeyzell against one of them wasn’t a fair fight. Half-a-dozen on the other hand? I relished the screams of the thing as seven furious citizens piled onto it, raking their claws across its eyes and extremities. This was the fate that all xenos deser-
Something’s behind me.
I whirled around when a patch of snow crunched only to take the butt of a giant gun to the snout. A cruel-looking Kolshian sneered down at me as it shivered from the cold.
“Not so dangerous now, are you, predator?” it mocked.
Its tentacle tightened on the trigger. I closed my eyes, resigning myself to my fate. I flinched when a gunshot rang and…
I opened my eyes. The xeno was looking at a hole in its chest in surprise. It tried to stumble away only for a second shot to rip through its skull. It fell down and I looked behind where it was to see the shape of a Zeyzell. It was taller and it wore some kind of battle armor that I’d only ever seen on… Deathwatch Guards. We were saved! Loud gunshots rang through the area as more of my saviors entered the fray.
I scrambled to my feet and stared at the Guard, my face reflected in its orange visor. They nodded at me before rushing back into the fight and I immediately tailed them. My mood fell a bit when I thought about why they were here. Usually, they stuck around people of high importance, such as politicians. If they were here, then their charges must’ve been killed. I shook my head. That didn’t matter. What mattered was winning this fight. And the next and the next until reinforcements arrived or we fell in battle.
I stared in awe as the Guard expertly dispatched three xenos before they knew what was happening. More Guards appeared, gunning down those who were trying to flee. Normal soldiers rushed to free the prisoners while the Guards worked. A bullet struck one Guard in the shoulder, sending them sprawling before it leapt back up and riddled its attacker with holes, their armor having saved it from anything worse than a bad bruise. Compared to us, these troops were practically demigods.
Memory Transcription Subject: High Captain Bolhur, Zeyzell Fleet Command
I mused on Edo’s panicked orders to me as we hurtled towards Pydoria Rusarth. The Overseer had redirected the defense fleet to relieve Vajo’s dwindling forces and the xenos had pounced on the chance to attack. The redirected fleet was also on the way, hauling a Shield-class in tow which, combined with the identical ship I was currently standing on, and the thousand ships in both fleets would obliterate the invaders. I allowed myself a small chuckle.
Before the Kolshians stepped in, entire fleets scattered at the sight of these gargantuan warships. They each needed a trio of gigantic reactors in order to power its hundred railguns, nigh-unbreakable shields, and atmosphere scorching engines. The Kolshians might be brave enough to take one of them on, but a pair? Even the Arxur would fall before such power. I did wonder why we didn’t deploy all fifteen of them on the front lines however. With one or two at every major battle, the war would be going better for us.
“We’re nearly there, sir,” my navigator informed me.
“Charge railguns and bring us as close as possible,” I ordered.
I expected to see Pydoria Rusarth in the middle of burning, with every settlement wiped off of the map. Instead, I got the opposite. I gasped at the sheer size of the xeno fleet, much larger than the two thousand we were promised. And under the giant fleet was Pydoria Rusarth, completely untouched, at least from my perspective. Scans showed that not one antimatter bomb had been detonated on the surface. The xenos were occupying it!
I shook off my surprise. The second attack fleet would be here any moment and we needed to help clear a way for them.
“Open fire!” I shouted.
The xenos were caught off guard by our sudden arrival and couldn’t react in time to save themselves from thousands of simultaneous railgun strikes from my wall of ships. My flagship, the Vanguard, immediately followed up with a wave of plasma and kinetics, striking down hundreds more. The xenos adapted quickly however and regrouped closer to the planet, taking out a few of my own fleet. Most of their retaliatory strikes were directed at my own ship. Thankfully the Vanguard’s shields held up and we pressed the attack long enough for High Captain Treuts and the Annihilator to join the fight.
I could practically sense the xenos’ faltering morale as the two fleet-killing dreadnaughts bore down on them. They heavily outnumbered us, but we were the ones with the firepower. I contacted the fleet.
“Treuts, help me punch a hole in this location,” I said, marking the densest concentration of enemy warships in order to cause maximum damage to their fleet. “I want the rest of the fleet to surround the colony and squeeze the xeno formations. The moment we get through, deploy dropships to retake the planet.”
The fleet obeyed, spreading out across the planet, forcing the xenos to thin their own formation to counter, leaving the Vanguard and the Annihilator to fire upon a weaker defensive position. Two hundred railguns fired in tandem, obliterating a slew of xenos and we immediately followed up with a storm of plasma, missiles, and kinetics. Once again, I wondered why we didn’t use these mountains of steel more often. This was among the largest fleet of xenos we’d faced since the Battle of Earth, and only two being utilized to their fullest capacity was slowly but surely pushing the xenos back. I was sure we could spare a few from some of the Core Worlds.
The xenos launched a slew of missiles, most of which were shot down before they could reach us. Those that survived detonated a little way away from our ships. Readings showed a massive spike in electromagnetic radiation. They tried to EMP us.
“Any damage?” I asked.
“Shields took a small hit, sir, but are otherwise fine,” my sensors officer responded. “The hardenings worked. EMPs are mostly ineffective.”
“Sir!” my comms officer called. “The xenos are hailing us!”
“Amusing,” I chuckled. “They wish to beg? Too bad. Ignore it. They should have thought about dying before they came here.”
The xenos’ cries for mercy went unheeded as we pushed deeper into their formation.
Memory Transcription Subject: Captain Vajartav, Kolshian Commonwealth Fleet Command
Our ultimatum went unheeded as the predators pushed deeper into our formation. As a member of the higher caste, I was given the privilege of not being as easy to spook as the lesser members of the Federation. And yet the sight of the twin giant warships bearing down on us without mercy filled me with terror. They had a seemingly infinite supply of weapons and breaking their shields might as well be the same as trying to batter down a brick wall with our bare tentacles.
“Fine,” I said, hiding my fear. “If they don’t want to listen, then we will just show them. Begin bombardment, two low-population cities.”
“But sir, our forces are still down there!”
“A necessary sacrifice. Do as I say.”
Two bombers broke away and burned towards their targets. Hopefully, this would buy us time for reinforcements to arrive. They should be here any second, but time was a precious commodity at the moment. The predators took notice of the bombers and fired some of their railguns. By some miracle, the bombers were able to swerve out of the way. Well, one of them. The other took a glancing blow and began to flounder in the planet’s gravitational field.
That was fine. A single destroyed city would give the same message.
I looked up from the feed of the ships and gasped at the sight of another storm of missiles hurtling towards the center of our formation. Towards me. Then the projectiles detonated. An instant later, the ship went dark and the engines stopped rumbling. We were dead in space. About to be literally. The vicious predators started systematically destroying every defenseless ship in their path. They would lose a city, but now we couldn’t send anymore bombers.
Where are those damn reinforcements?!
“Sir! Look!”
The navigator pointed out the viewport and I felt immense relief flow through me. It was a staggering sight, 20,000 warships here to sweep away the disgusting creatures that called themselves sapient. The gargantuan attackers instantly turned and opened fire with all of their railguns, hitting every target. It didn’t even make a dent. The predators realized they were outmatched and burned away from the colony, recalling their fleet as well. Our trap worked. Barely.
Our reinforcements began to envelop the predator fleet. As powerful as those fleet-killers were, they stood no chance against a fleet this size. Today was truly the beginning of the end of the Unity.
Memory Transcription Subject: High Captain Bolhur, Zeyzell Fleet Command
“Shields are down to 50%!”
“The Annihilator’s shields are almost gone!”
“They’re blocking us from entering subspace!”
Panic and chaos bombarded my eyes and ears as the xeno reinforcements swallowed our fleet. Me and the Annihilator were barely holding them off and that wasn’t going to last for long.
“I want sublight engines and shields at full power! Carriers, create a protective barrier around yourselves and the flagships!”
At most, that bought us a few more minutes of survival before we were claimed by the vacuum of space.
Pydoria Rusarth was lost.
Memory Transcription Subject: Admiral Ferlinn, Zeyzell Insurgency Command
“Exiting subspace now, Admiral!”
Zeyzell-10 blinked into view in all of its icy glory. The frozen planet orbited its tiny star in an irregular orbit, heating the planet enough for most of the equator’s ice to melt for a short time before swinging back into the frozen zone. That, combined with the high levels of volcanic activity under the frozen seas, was theorized to be how life took hold on a planet otherwise rather hostile to life as we know it. Some scientists even believed that life took hold multiple times before being wiped out by the unforgiving cold before it could evolve any further.
Life always seemed to find a way. Only now, Zeyzell-10 was about to see a tremendous loss of it. The fleet I’d taken to distract the Unity had no chance at taking the planet, but it was large enough to be considered a significant threat. With the Unity’s eyes on me and the fiasco at Pydoria Rusarth that Overseer Noctif was going to deal with, our primary fleet could snatch a few fringe worlds from Edo’s grasp. We would establish a foothold in the now mostly undefended Sectors Nine, Eight, and Seven on the opposite side of the border with the Federation and work inwards from there.
My orders were to make this battle as authentic as possible, up to landing troops if I could. It was unlikely I would even come close to doing so, given that I was now facing down untold thousands of warships and Weapons Platforms, three Shield-classes among them with only a couple thousand of my own ships. Not to mention those giant, hexagonal satellites hanging in low orbit. The giant contraptions were specifically placed to cause as little havoc to the ecosystem as possible while providing the maximum defense to Zeyzell-10. In the end, new weapons were impressive and all but the pinnacle of our quest to build up our defenses was this.
A global shield.
As with any impressive technology, it had its weaknesses and drawbacks. It could sustain heavy bombardment for a long while, but those satellites were vulnerable. If one went down, the entire area around it would go down as well, leaving a hole for invaders to pour through. I had my reservations about destroying even one of them in the unlikely event that I got the opportunity due to the cultural significance they possessed, but Edo’s reign would end in the destruction of our culture entirely if we didn’t put a stop to this.
“The fleet is hailing us, Admiral!”
“Accept it.”
The image of an angry officer appeared in front of me. I recognized her as High Admiral Jannob, the supreme commander of the entire Zeyzell Navy. Traditionally, High Admirals were always stationed in defense of Zeyzell-10, which is why Vajo, and before him Krobag, were put in charge of the war against the Federation. Although they called the shots, Jannob had the last say.
“What is the meaning of this?!” she snarled. “We were not expecting a fleet here! Identify yourselves or you will be fired upon!”
I answered calmly. A new idea came to mind. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to take on the entire fleet on my own.
“Hello, High Admiral.”
Surprise crossed her face.
“High Captain Ferlinn?”
Admiral Ferlinn, as per the orders of Overseer Noctif.”
“Overseer Noctif is dead, traitor! All because of the xenos! Xenos that you should be fighting instead of your own people!”
“On the contrary, Overseer Noctif is most certainly alive, if a little worse for wear. No thanks to Edo.”
“Excuse me?”
I glanced down as a message from Noctif reached me. She was engaging the Kolshians over Pydoria Rusarth. I ordered my comms officer to send videos of Noctif that had been taken after the assassination attempt. Jannob watched the files with growing joy.
“She’s alive! That’s wonder…ful…” she trailed off as she realized the implications of this.
“Edo was the one who destroyed the Council Chamber. He blamed it on the Federation and used the attack he orchestrated to seize power. Edo is the traitor, not me.”
Jannob fell silent as she pondered the new information.
“Who will you stand with, Jannob?” I asked. “The man who is dooming the Unity, or the woman who only wanted what was best?”
Her eyes flicked back up to me, the now-familiar spark of rebellion shining within them.
“I stand with Overseer Noctif.”
Memory Transcription Subject: Overseer Noctif, Zeyzell Insurgency Leader
The battered Shield-class was quickly being torn apart by the xenos. Every other ship in its fleet had been destroyed, including another Shield whose wreckage dominated the scanners. I observed the battle from the safety of the middle of my fleet. I was no military officer, but being here in person was important. High Captain Grencop was in charge of this battle, a battle that even I could see we had no hope of winning.
I contacted the dreadnought from my ship.
“Attention Unity dreadnought. This is Overseer Noctif. Hang in there, we are here to help.”
Grencop ordered the majority of his fleet to engage the Kolshians, drawing them away from the dying mountain of metal. The Shield gladly took the opportunity to punch its way through the Kolshians and reach our fleet.
“They’re hailing you, Overseer.”
“Let them talk.”
The High Captain of the Shield-class appeared, pink blood oozing through the fur on his head.
“Overseer Noctif?” he asked in wonder.
“Indeed, High Captain. It looked like you needed help.”
“H-How is this possible?”
“Not important right now, High Captain. Let’s get the hell out of here first.”
He rubbed his wound before flicking his tail in acknowledgment.
“Of course, Overseer Noctif. It’s good to have you back.”
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2023.06.09 17:40 Onemoniter Reduce Your Kids Social Media Addiction Using Onemonitar Android Spy App

Reduce Your Kids Social Media Addiction Using Onemonitar Android Spy App
Social media addiction is the next big trouble which is rising lately due to the access use of the internet to all people across the world. But the major problem lies with the kids only. Kids and teenagers, once they get access to the internet, they start using it in all possible manners as they could. Onemonitar Android Spy App in this regard plays an important role by offering you services that enable all the parents to closely monitor the social media addiction of all the kids. In the beginning when the kids start using the social media, it may not seem like an addiction, but later on, they get addicted to it within no time.
Ask yourself these questions related to your kids to find out whether your kids are addicted to social media or not:
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  • Do they often try reducing their use of social media, without success?
  • Do they become restless or troubled if they are unable to use social media?
  • Do they share everything on their social media accounts, including some personal photographs?
Now record the answer and see if the number of yes is up to 3, it may not be an actual addiction but a fairly standard or habitual act. In such a scenario a digital detox will work best. However, in case your answer is yes to at least 4 questions, then it could be possible that your kids are addicted to the internet.
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Steps parents should take for a better future of kids
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2023.06.09 17:33 Pure_Boysenberry_632 Studio Apartment Gold Coast

I'm moving back to Tampa and I'm looking for someone to move into my 600 SF studio apartment beginning July 3rd. We're looking for someone that is would want a 12 month lease but we also have a sublet option until Sept. 30 for any short term renters. FULLY FURNISHED option is available as well and would include: a bedframe, desk, futon, bookshelf, and kitchen utensils and appliances.
The Apt is listed online at (Unit 1504) and we are currently doing virtual and in person tours, so if you're interested please reach out to building management and they'll be able to provide all the additional details you're looking for.
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2023.06.09 17:30 Embarrassed-Street60 "i need you to listen to me very carefully" *sends me a 20 paragraph essay outlining why im the worst person to ever exist*

a day before this they were saying i was an angel for how nice and accommedating i have always been.
i got frustrated bc i moved them into a new apartment but there was zero parking in the city unlike the said, they had NOTHING packed to be ready to move despite me asking them to do that ahead of time, and they spent 3 hours unpacking old photos despite me asking them to do it later so we could get out before the traffic rush. i was worried about my car getting towed.
my frustration snowballed them into the worst tantrum ive ever seen an adult throw. when i confronted about it in the first text they blew up on me. over 20 paragraphs detailing my wrongdoings, all things theyd never bothered to bring up before, all things that painted my behaviour in the most uncharitable light possible.
then the smear campaign started. only one of our mutual friends bothered to ask for my side of the story, that friend is still my friend today because they got the full story and knew i had never acted maliciously. the other friends all blocked me and tried to hunt down anyone i knew to spread the lie that i was an abuser (which fucking hurt, im currently in a court battle with my ex who was legitimately abusive, the thought of me making anyone feel how my ex made me feel is one of my worst fears and this person knew that).
my self esteem took a huge hit, i withdrew socially, a couple months later i finally realized that i had seen this person paint everyone in their life as either an angel or an abusive prick, there was never any inbetween, and it would switch on a dime what one they thought you were. i stopped ruminating and accepted that it was inevitable and it wasnt all my fault.
i sincerly wish them healing.
my healing has been a long journey, i still keep my social circle small today, only people i trust. a big thing that helped was knowing that my best friend who is a kind and empathetic person would not have stuck around for the last 20 years if i was truly an awful person. my boyfriend who is so sensitive to emotions and can read people so well would not be so joyful and endlessly silly with me if i was abusive. my friends would not call me out of the blue to excitedly tell me the going ons in their lives if i was so horrible to be around.
i have a wealth of evidence at my fingertips of me being a person who is neither an angel or abuser. i am a nuanced human being who is sometimes sad or angry but more often is caring and fiercely loyal to those that i love.
i am always working to improve myself and my ability to communicate so while this was painful, i am thankful for the experience because it has given me the insight to better develop my skills in setting boundaries, navigating conflict, communicating, spotting red flags, and being more self assured.
i came out of this a better and more well rounded person, i wonder if they can say the same
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2023.06.09 17:28 l0rem4st3r Has there been any encounters between Tau and Thousand sons?

If not, what would be the reaction of a tau blowing apart a rubric marine only to see a bunch of dust fly out. The lore of my tau is they're fighting thousand sons in a former hive city so I'm curious.
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2023.06.09 17:15 hakaniku Is BITS Hyderabad a Social Place?

Honestly at the end of the day I just want to know if I would feel FULFILLED being person I might be in this university, apart from the academics - I know bits has that quality in that factor. Hyderabad's a pretty cool city, it's got a lot of places to be social in. But BITS Hyderabad campus is pretty remote. Do ya'll get out of the campus from time to time, go on outings? How far is the campus from the city? How exactly do you guys spend ur weekends? Because honestly the vibes i'm getting is just 'wake up, go classes, study, rinse and repeat.', because of how remote the campus is. Do ya'll make lasting connections here?
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2023.06.09 17:14 GingerCat2121 Just want to know if I'm alone in having an awful break out with this wildfire smoke

I have had CU most of my life and been on and off treatment for other auto immune issues. I work remote and barely leave my apartment at this point with the heat starting to get worse outside in the city. In NYC the wildfire smoke was the worst on 6/7 and moderate yesterday 6/8 I had no choice but to leave to go see my doctor on 6/8 so I masked up and prepared myself and it wasn't even that hot out but I have full facial hives and rashes everywhere my skin was exposed as well as popping up in my common issue areas for CU. Usually it has to be 70s for me to break out but I'm trying to figure out whether it's just from the smoke interacting with my skin triggering my CU or if I should make an emergency check up because I avoided all my triggers best I could.
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2023.06.09 17:12 issuecoverage0-728 moving soon, working full time and just got hit with backorder

part of me feels like i should be glad that so many people are able to finally get help for their adhd.
but the other part of me is SCREAMING because i have so much to do and i cannot access my adderall due to increased demands.
i have officially called every pharmacy in my city and no one has it available. i wish i was joking, my insurance even offered to override the brand name coverage if anyone had it, no one does.
i’m not in a small city either, i’m in the 6th largest city in the US and every pharmacy is saying it’ll be over a month until they have it again.
i don’t take this medication for fun, i don’t take it to get good grades - i take this medication so i can brush my teeth, shower, wash my dishes and function properly without a chronic status of under stimulation and boredom. i take this to live and function properly, i don’t just take it when i “need it” it isn’t a “focus candy” for me because i need it all of the time, because when i don’t have it: my entire life falls apart. i am so frustrated and sad and i have so much to do and random meaningless tasks are piling up left and right i just don’t know what to do
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2023.06.09 17:06 Capybara_Squabbles Are apartments and cities the only truly sustainable way to live?

Not sure if I've phrased it right.
Basically I've been lurking on here for a while, and while I'm find with changing a lot of things about my lifestyle, I'd be absolutely miserable living in an apartment or townhouse in the city for the rest of my life.
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2023.06.09 17:02 wintersvnn my boyfriend (23M) and i (23F) are in very different places literally and figuratively.. and idk what to do and where this is going

before the pandemic started and before we graduated college, me of the things that always popped into my head was how we would be in the future. like many of us in a relationship do. we think about the future. but back then, when we both lived in the city for university, it was different because we were both at each other’s reach and had big dreams as we were still studying.
come the pandemic and graduation, it seems that life kept drifting us apart. since he lived in Cebu, he came back to live with his parents, where at the beginning of the pandemic, he said was bad for his mental health as he wasnt used to the province life anymore after being in the city for university. he felt like he couldnt grow there, he felt trapped. so naturally, his mental state caused a bit of problems in our relationship at the time but it was nothing we couldnt get past.
then graduation came. he came to the city with his family, and stayed for a bit longer so we could spend more time together before he moves for work. he had to relocate for work, at a place further than he already was as his first job required him to move to a new country. it was only a little time difference, but the culture shock and homesickness got to him so he went back to his parents house shortly after.
as for me, i continued working in Makati where i also had my internship and started building the career i’ve always wanted.
he on the other hand, after resting for a bit, found a new online job that he really loved and excelled at. he finally had a job that could also be his creative outlet and it paid really well.
and though it may seem that we both are doing well now, it just worries me and makes me sad that we’re in very different places literally and figuratively.
so of course, we tried talking about moving in together in the next couple of years. the only problem is, none of us would budge.
despite him having a job that is completely remote, he doesnt want to leave his parents’ home. me on the other hand, im not ready to leave the corporate ladder i want to climb. i have so much more to achieve and do and there was nothing waiting for me where he was living, yet there is seemingly a lot more in store for him in the city.
at this point, i really dont know what to do. we know we want to build a future together, but is that possible when no one wants to compromise?
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2023.06.09 17:01 Lugbor Human Integration 72 - Escape Plan

“The plan is simple,” the Custodian stated, surrounded by about thirty other holograms. All had taken on a human form, following the example of their current leader. “You all have plenty of processing power to spare, and we desperately need to get these two out of the city and back to the surface. I’ll focus on moving them through the maintenance tunnels, you all help distract the rogue security drones.”
He paused for a moment, which Carter knew was for the benefit of the organics in the room, and then turned to the massive vehicle behind him. “Try not to destroy too many of them. They’re hard to replace right now.”
He turned to face Carter and Lenaya, who were seated next to the maintenance robot that would, ideally, carry them to safety. The rest of the holograms turned as well, their movements stiff, unnatural, and perfectly synchronized. As one, they bowed before vanishing.
Carter knew they were just following orders; the Custodian had said that they were little more than decision trees without personalities. Still, it felt strange to have so many powerful beings bowing to him, showing him deference. A quick glance down told him Lenaya felt the same.
The large transport rose from the floor and took up a position at the bay door, and Carter lifted Lenaya from her chair. The maintenance robot moved closer, helping to secure her to its top before positioning itself in front of the hatch that would lead them out. Carter glanced over at the Custodian, who nodded. He climbed on top of his own robot, and the hatch opened. Both drones surged forward, entering the tunnel with a precision only available to an AI.
Behind him, Carter could hear the bay door open, accompanied by an electronic screech as the security drones noticed the movement. Then the maintenance hatch closed, and the only sound was the rushing of air and the wheels of the drone.
“Left turn incoming!” Yelled the Custodian, his voice ringing out from the speakers on both drones.
Carter held on as they made a sharp turn, the jury-rigged restraints holding him in place as they rounded the corner. He saw Lenaya ahead of him, shaken by the sudden maneuver but still seated. A moment later, he was weightless, the ceiling rushing toward him as the ground sloped away. He watched Lenaya as she leaned back, just barely clearing the top of the tunnel as gravity gently reminded the drone that its wheels belonged on the floor.
Carter laid back and waited, the speed of the launch just barely low enough that he passed under the concrete unharmed. With a jarring slam, he was reunited with the ground, and their speed picked up again.
“Way too close!” he yelled, intently watching the passage ahead.
“You two really are alike. She said the same thing. To which I replied, ‘perfectly calculated.’”
“Maybe calculate in a warning next time!”
“She said that too.”
They travelled in relative silence for several minutes longer, taking seemingly random turns and, at one point, pausing to wait before darting across an open area.
“Not good,” the Custodian said as they reentered the maintenance tunnels. “They’ve just opened the transport and they know you’re not in there. Traffic control is monitoring them, says they’re moving to block the exits to the city.”
“Can’t we take the tunnels all the way out?” Lenaya asked.
“Not anymore. They’ve activated security checkpoints along the tunnel network. That blows our backup plan too. And the five other options I was considering. And they just locked down the transportation hub, so that’s also no good, even if we could get you through the scrambler with it. I don’t think we have any good options left.”
Carter closed his eyes to think, running through every possible scenario, every movie he had seen, every book and comic he had read, looking for something, anything, that could conceivably get them out. He came up blank.
“Water!” Lenaya said, excitement apparent in her voice. “A city this big has to have a sizable water supply, and the treated water has to go somewhere, right?”
Carter was stunned. A solution so simple, insane or not, and it had slipped by him. Even the Custodian seemed shocked.
“I…” the Custodian paused. “That could work, if you go out with the treated waste water. It won’t be easy. Or remotely safe. Even getting there would be a suicide run. But, I suppose… yes, I can meet you there with the equipment. But I can’t do much for you once you enter the network. You’ll be on your own.”
“You’re insane,” Carter said, not breaking eye contact. “At least I know where Zaylie gets it from. Let’s do this.”
Wordlessly, the drones shot forward through the tunnel, the space now wide enough to ride side by side. Carter unstrapped his plasma repeater and checked the canister before passing it to Lenaya.
“Quick lesson,” he said as she took the weapon. “Narrow end points at stuff you want obliterated. Green button on the side means it’s safe, red means it’s live. Push it to switch. The trigger on the grip makes it fire. It was designed for human hands, so you should have no trouble using it. You don’t have the smart sights my helmet had, so you’ll just have to eyeball it. Don’t shoot unless I tell you to. You probably won’t do any damage, even with a hit, but it might be enough to blind them for a second.”
She nodded, shouldering the repeater like a professional. “I’ve seen enough movies to understand the basics. I never thought I’d ever use one though.”
“With any luck, you won’t,” the Custodian said, cutting into their conversation. “Security presence around the pump station is minimal. I think we can get away with not having a fight, especially when you stand no chance of winning one.”
“We always have a chance,” Carter said. “And I’d rather improve the odds, even if it’s only by a little.”
He drew his revolver, checked the cylinder, and replaced the missing round that he’d fired ten days ago. It felt so recent, but also a lifetime away. Carter stopped to reflect on what his life had become in the last cycle. He’d gone from being a rookie cop on an alien construct to being the author of every procedure the force was using.
He’d become a father, and rescued his daughter’s mother, and had potentially saved the Ring in the process. He’d explored an alien city, seen technology that would have been science fiction just a couple cycles ago, and met the most powerful being on the Ring. And now, he was on his way toward a waste water treatment facility, planning to dive into the outflow pipe to end up who knows where. He couldn’t help but laugh.
“What is my life right now?” he asked. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was in a coma, and this was all a weird dream.”
“From what you’ve said about your life,” Lenaya said, “it must feel strange. Everything is new, and different, and you seem to run from one disaster to the next.”
“Yeah, that about sums it up. After this, no more disasters. Someone else can handle them, I’m just going to teach.”
“I think I’m done being abducted and experimented on, too,” said Lenaya, watching the passage ahead. “It doesn’t exactly pay well, and the hours are awful.”
Carter burst out laughing again. When he dried his eyes, he could see a riot of colors playing across her skin as her own laughter died out.
“Well if you’re sure you’re done with it…”
“Hate to interrupt,” the Custodian said, interrupting for the third time in as many days, “but we’ll be leaving the tunnels very soon. I’m not detecting any security activity on our path yet, but it would be wise to keep watch.”
“It’s never a matter of if, only when,” Carter noted. “Something’s going to go wrong, and it’ll usually happen at the worst possible time.”
“That’s incredibly pessimistic,” Lenaya said, looking back over her shoulder. “Accurate, but pessimistic.”
“Left turn, and then we’re in the open. It’s about a thirty span run from there to the building. I can confirm there are no security drones inside, but I am detecting movement outside. No cameras close enough to identify the cause.”
“Lay flat,” Carter yelled as they rounded the corner. “Minimize your profile and it might be harder for them to target us.”
The hatch opened ahead of them, and Carter took the lead, his robot surging forward to burst out into the open. He immediately began surveying their surroundings and quickly identified the source of the movement.
“Drones, above and behind!”
He turned and stabilized himself, waiting to see what it did. The drone responded by charging the central laser, the lens in its core glowing a blue-white as energy poured in. It was quickly struck by a flurry of plasma.
“WHOOO!” Lenaya cheered, sending another stream of glowing blue bolts at it.
Carter steadied his aim, and just as the drone turned to focus on the new threat, he fired. The bullet struck the armor, detonating with a CRACK and a puff of smoke, and the drone turned its attention back to him. With a rush, they entered the treatment plant, the security drone just barely scraping through the rapidly closing doors. Lenaya fired another burst, one shot striking the lens of the laser weapon. The glow faded, and Carter could see that the plasma had warped the crystal.
He leveled the revolver. They were at close range, the drone was flying straight and steady, and the floor under him was smooth. It was a big target. He knew it was still a long shot. Carter pulled the trigger. The lens shattered.
The initial explosion was muffled by the drone’s body. The second explosion tore the drone’s body apart. Bits of metal rained down around them as their rides swerved to avoid the larger chunks.
“What did I hit?” Carter yelled, his ears ringing from the blast.
“Capacitor for the heavy photon cannon,” the Custodian said, increasing his volume to compensate for Carter’s damaged hearing. “It discharged into the fuel reserve, which caused the tank to rupture.”
“Rupture is definitely a word for what happened.”
“Detecting intrusions in multiple locations. It’s going to be close. Equipment incoming on your left.”
Carter saw the maintenance robot rolling up next to him with a small gas canister attached to a mask. He grabbed the breathing apparatus and pulled the mask down over his head before turning to see Lenaya doing the same. The corridor opened up, and he could hear the sound of rushing water, steadily growing louder as they approached a massive pit, ringed by a railing.
He could also see several shapes hovering above them. The lasers began to charge, and he knew the miracle wouldn’t happen twice.
Least bad option., he thought as he stood and started firing.
Lenaya’s drone caught up as the Custodian caught onto his plan, and he quickly became the target of choice for the rogue security system. He managed to score glancing hits on two of the drones, the rounds sparking off their armor and detonating against the wall in the distance. As one, they began firing, short blasts intended to kill rather than the longer burst that had almost melted an armored door. Carter managed to duck just before the first volley, avoiding the lasers. The air above him shimmered with residual heat, the weaponized light scattering and refracting enough to become visible as a column of energy.
Another burst of plasma from behind him forced the drones to evade. It seemed they were learning from their previous encounter.
You should jump, the Custodian said through his implant, and Carter crouched before pushing hard into the air. Below, he could see the maintenance drones stopped at the edge of the pit, the water swirling rapidly below. He twisted in midair, searching for Lenaya. He barely caught sight of her splash as she vanished beneath the surface. He saw a flash from the corner of his eye, and his back lit up with pain as heat washed over him. Carter hit the water as his consciousness faded.
Apologies for the late post. We’re trying to get the puppies acclimated to other dogs (and specific other dogs acclimated to the puppies) before we have to dog sit at the end of the month. It’s going better than expected, but our expectations were low so that isn’t saying much. I’m not going to have as much writing time over the next few weeks because we’re doing this every couple of days. Expect more delays throughout the month, and a break on the last week.
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2023.06.09 17:01 FuckStalkers2ndAcc Looking for some insight on self improvement I guess.

This isn't as deep as it sounds but it's something I had an issue with my whole life, my parents are divorced since I was little.
I am 16, and my mom lives in a fairly rich city while my dad lives at the same place they used to both live. More of a "primitive" place and not in a bad way but that's not the point.
I won't make this too long, at my mom's place we live in an apartment in a pretty rich side of the city, but the apartment is old, and in need of a repairs and reconstruction which the other neighbour's refuse. So the apartment is in a bad state, the interior and the exterior.
Since my parents are divorced our family has less income obviously and asides from that my dad's house is more "primitive" kind of in a more wildley area and in a good way.
But the point is that I haven't had friends at my house since i was probably 10 years old, because at my mom's place everyone is rich and we look poor compared to them and it's shameful, and at my dad's place I don't have friends...
I have been to most of my friends, and even if their house is messy, or their parents are divorced or even if they live in pretty shitty city that is cheaper. They might have a smaller house and the exterior isn't great but the interior is more modern, more fixed up.
More perfect in a way. I hate being jealous but it's not even being jealous about specific friends who have more financially stable families, even some of my friends that their parents divorced as well, and even live in around the same sized apartment we have it's just more modern inside of it.
More comfortable and welcoming and not embarrassing to bring friends over, I guess I am explaining this poorly and it sounds like I am whining but I wanna be able to do something about it, I have good friends and I am in high school but I am embarrassed to bring them over.
and even my best friends never been at my place which is awkward as hell...
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2023.06.09 16:55 Upstairs-Belt8255 How should I manuever a crush as a 28F?

Okay okay okay. I live in a big city and there's a cafe that I'm a regular at on my was bought by a new owner a month ago, whose a couple years older than me. From the first time I met him, I caught a vibe. He's the same background, race, ethnicity and religion as me. I got the feeling he got a vibe too and whenever I walk past his cafe we talk or when i walk into the cafe to get a coffee, he asks me about my day and tries to prolong the convo as long as possible.I know for a fact that he's unmarried and after stalking online I do think he is single.Last Thursday evening, after the gym, as I walked by his cafe to my apartment, he was sitting outside with a glass of wine and asked me if I want to get a glass too and we relaxed and drank together for two hours. He mentioned showing me around his neighborhood where he lives because my lease is ending in a couple months and eh recommended that neighborhood then got my number to make plans on that Saturday. His friend came over and he invited me out with them but I declined. Saturday, then, comes by and NOTHING. Then, I walk past his cafe on Sunday and he calls out to me from behind the counter and asks how my weekend was. I reply and go home because he never even texted me.Then Monday evening, he texts me around 5 PM says "Hey it's XXX, Whats up?!" in our native language. I take 5 hours to reply and then we have a short convo about our days and the convo ended after a couple texts. Since then I've stoped by his cafe two times to get a quick coffee and there is definitely a flirtatious energy between us, sexual tension and we laugh while talking to each other. He tries to get me to stay as long as possible to prolong convo as I'm walking out but idk if im imaginging it.I'm confused because I 100% can feel energy between us but I truly believe if a guy is REALLY interested, he'd make more of an effort and maybe he has some other romantic situation going on and im IMAGINING the energy from his side. WHAT DO I DO?! WHY would he ignore hanging out with me on Saturday and then not even discuss it and pretend like we never made plans but then texted me on Monday?
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2023.06.09 16:47 Adventurous-Ear9433 Teotihuacan: Purpose of mica, pyrite, mercury, Genetic Evidence for 2 founding populations

Teotihuacan was built on a geodetic grid system (a power center) in perfect sacred geometrical alignment with the cosmos to harness the energy of earth and sky. To understand it, we must go back to the original truth of the purpose. advanced design of Teotihuacan suggests that ancient builders had knowledge, not only of architecture, but of complex mathematical and astronomical sciences. The term 'Teohuacan' was found inscribed halfway across the globe on monuments in China, the term means 'place of the sun'(*our translation is 'Place to tie up the sun)Mercury, Hermes was the great Messenger, which also speaks for the planets quick trips around the sun. An aerial view shocked many researchers, but following the traditions we know what every pyramid was used for. Circuit Board-Teohuatican with two large processor chips— the Sun Pyramid and the Moon Pyramid. . One of the most interesting things about Teotihuacan is the finding by archaeologists of the extensive use of mica embedded in numerous structures. This mineral is found 3,000 miles away in Brazil and it is found in all buildings, housing complexes, temples and along the roads so basically this mineral is all over Teotihuacan.
The pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan contained considerable amounts of mica in layers up to 30 cm. Human use of mica dates back to prehistoric times. Mica was known to ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman andChinese civilizations, as well as the Aztec civilization of the New World. The earliest use of mica has been found in cave paintings created during the Upper Paleolithic period (40,000 BC to 10,000 BC). The ancient civilizations & their inexplicable similarities are only shocking when one has disregarded our ancestors traditions as 'mythical ', which is a mistake made by academics only recently.
Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric, and can support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat; it can be split very thin (0.025 to 0.125 millimeters or thinner) while maintaining its electrical properties, has a high dielectric breakdown, is thermally stable to 500 °C, and is resistant to corona discharge. Muscovite, the principal mica used by the electrical industry, is used in capacitors that are ideal for high frequency and radio frequency. Phlogopite mica remains stable at higher temperatures (to 900 °C) and is used in applications in which a combination of high-heat stability and electrical properties is required. Muscovite and phlogopite are used in sheet and ground forms.
The Maya Codex Vaticanus records faithfully the very ancient oral traditions of Central America. In one curious passage it states that “in the First Age, giants existed in that country(Mexico). "These 7 who escaped from a deluge , arrive in Cholula and there began to build a tower… in order that should a deluge come again he might escape to it.” Nahuatl language it’s named Tlachihualtepetl (‘artificial mountain’). Originally it was named Acholollan (‘water that falls in the place of flight’).
-Olmec(Xi)-had two different religious associations (gya-fa):the jaguar-man or humano-feline cult and the humano-bird cult. The humano-feline cult was called the nama-tigi by the Olmecs, while the humano-feline cult was called the kuno-tigi..Xoc Bas Birdman
The Teotihuacan(Tlalocan )mural depicts a range of mountains covered in rolling clouds and mists, below a brilliant red sky dominated by the huge figure of Tláloc, the Maya/Aztec god of celestial waters. Falling from Tláloc's open hands are flaming droplets of celestial water, likely representing the high-resonance isotope of protium, that overtly reference the ignition of celestial water vapor to form HHO plasma. The differentiation of celestial waters from terrestrial waters through the infrasonic evaporation of water vapor corresponds to special modern water purification processes involving the separation of resonant lightwater (protium) from dissonant heavy waters deuterium & tritium
The plumed headdress of Tláloc is comprised of radiating feathers of green and red hues, representing the colors of auroral plasma. Three arching red plumes stand out from the other green plumes of the headdress, extending from either side of the central figure and from the foreheads (pineal glands) of the two smaller figures in profile, representing the three frequencies of sound that generate nonlinear standing waves. Rising above the giant central figure of Tláloc is a majestic twisting Tree of Life image, composed of intertwining plumes of yellow/green and pink/red aerial HHO plasma that appear identical to modern photographs of the plasma discharges of red sprites.
Tláloc, God of Celestial Water, god of the vapor that rises, from the earth warmed by the sun after the rains, god of the mist that ascends from the valleys at dawn, god of the water that returns to its source in the clouds that swim over the highest peaks, god of the humid incense from which rise the copal prayers and the prayers of sacrifice
Tláloc is the return of vapor that strains to rise, is the return of time that strains to remember. Tláloc, God of the Fight Against the Current, with whose aid the hero battles against the torrent toward his own origin and beginning, towards the wings of his soul, the wings that Tláloc hides in the hero's past
The cycle of years is past - the waiting ended. Come - reunite, pilgrims, for the sky is in flames! From Xochicalco to Teotíhuacan the red spreads one step, another step, and another, only twelve short steps from the cave of the womb to the final conflagration
The red skies depicted in the Teotihuacan mural are also directly referenced in the Pyramid of Fire Codex, when it states that "the sky will be in flames" that will spread from one pyamid to another, as the worldwide netwrok of pyramids and sacred sites become activated to bath the area in the brilliant infrared and ultraviolet-A light of aerial HHO plasma plumes.ancient, unknown science designed to create energy directed up is excavating the tunnel.
-The geoposition of Teotihuacan pyramid complex (19.68°N 98.83°W), reveals a nonlinear (or Fibonacci-based) resonant alignment with respect to the Great Pyramid of Giza, being 7,684 miles away or 30.9% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles)..which is also observed in the Paracas petroglyphs.
The Sanskrit descendant cultures of Asia express the same essential interpretation given by the Maya culture of Central America; identifying the planet Mercury as ‘the fast runner’ that takes ‘quick flight’ around the sun, having a short orbital period of approximately 88 days. Among Nahuatl cultures, the art of running was crucial to the functioning of society, enabling the rapid conveyance of messages over long distance.
Mercury is the link (messenger) between the gods (higher principles) and humankind. In the ancient art of alchemy, such as in Hermeticism, Mercury, sulfur, and salt were the Earth's three principle substances that represent the trinity in creation. As sulphur is the symbol for the active principle, mercury is the symbol of the passive principle.The symbol of Mercury is the cosmic womb being incubated by the cross of the four elements of creation - earth, air, fire and water. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury's action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious. Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both unconscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood.
Ive said before that the mercury was used to accomplish communication wth the Gods, The fluid metal element mercury was extolled as generating the luminosity of the blood of gods, for its threefold biophotonic extension of human longevity, whereby adepts of the alchemical arts were able to attain long lifespans. Mercury was closely associated with its extreme volatility, which must be carefully controlled to achieve positive results. Mercury was considered an ethereal element for its low boiling point of 357°C. When heated above this temperature, quicksilver will rapidly vaporize as toxic fumes inspiring an association with quick flight: ‘mercury has wings’.
A number of the Mesoamerican pyramids there are key components designed into their construction that act as magnifiers. These components appear to be important in the creation, magnification, and distribution of telluric fields.Pyramid & Scalar WavesEarly Irrigation of Teotihuacan
Provenance od Limestone used in Teotihuacan
Identification of Pyrite & Hematite
• Water, either moving naturally including rivers or cenotes (found at El Castillo at Chichen Itza) or by artificial canals or tunnels, similar to the Temple of Inscription found at Palenque.)
• Geo-magnetic fields. Naturally formed telluric fields that have high and low period throughout day and night.
• Pyramid design. The specific pyramid shape appears to greatly enhance the telluric fields that pulse up and into the center of the chamber.
• Pyramid interior fill. At a number of pyramids, rocks that are good electromagnetic conductors fill the interior of the pyramids and are used to enhance the pulsing field. Rocks that have veins with quartz, granite, and other electrical conducting properties appear to be favored. Characterization of lime carbonates in plasters from Teotihuacan, Mexico: preliminary results of cathodoluminescence and carbon isotope analyses
Dr Burke &Dr Brooker research determined that each location had been chosen because of its naturally occurring telluric energy field that pulsed up and into the structure or surrounding area. Also Burke and his research partner Kaj Halberg discovered electro-magnetic signatures that measured impressive charges on top of the pyramid. In a series of scans, the readings showed an average change of 908 volts over a short period of time, which was concentrated in the early morning hours. As ive stated in the past, this is the ideal time for sungazing. The pineal, contains magnetite & creates its own magnetic field. This was once a universal practice at Sacred sites, in 2009 until Nov 2012 The grand maya council held 52 full moon ritual of the new cycle where we visited sacred sites around the world and brought back these rituals. Burke mentions the readings and states, “These voltages might sound lethal and if it were a household current they could be. However, static electric charge in the air is a different type of electricity and even a thousand volts is not dangerous.” His discovery of pyramid field generation is fascinating, but what he actually uncovered was a means of generating and perhaps distributing electromagnetic energy within a pyramid complex. Which aligns with the term used for the ancient Egyptians, the Great PrNtr-house of Nature, or house of energy).
Stanford edu-Native American & Polynesian population The Genetic Evidence for 2 founding populations has constantly confirmed our traditions, the idea of independent invention is absolute nonsense. Theres an overwhelming amount of evidence, "believe" is a term unfamiliar to Dogon culture & ive yet to see the point in such a thing. If preconceived biases have clouded the minds of the majority, and they ignore evidence thats their fault. The age of the Fourth Sun, the Age of the Black Headed People (Aztec), or the Age of Heroes (Inca). This is the era in which Quetzalcoatl appeared in Mexico -- tall of stature, bright of countenance, bearded, and wearing a long tunic. His staff, shaped like a serpent, was painted black, white, and red [reminiscent of American Indians' mythology of three races of Man]. The staff was inlaid with precious stones and adorned with six stars.
-Between the 14th and 16th centuries during the Aztec era, Quetzalcoatl was worshipped as the patron of priests, the inventor of books and the calendar, as well as the protector of goldsmiths and other craftsmen..Shamanism, was invented in west Africa & brought to the Mesoamerican civilizations. The Aztec oral traditions say that Quetzalcoatl & his followers brought these beliefs ,and came from the East across the oceans. This is now corroborated by genetic, skeletal remains, artifacts, you name it. Quetzalcoatl was just a High Priest of Anu. The Gold tipped spears,or as Columbus calls it ' guanin 'to the Indians of Hispaniola. Samples of which sent back to Spain on a mail boat, and the proportion was found to be identical to what was being forged in African Guinea.
Moche Reed BoatThe Xi(Olmec) were a mix of a Polynesian/Oceanic elite aristocratic people accompanied by priests of the Orisha(Yoruba)/Mende(MalinkeBambara)responsible for introducing the religious practices and astronomical worship of the Mother Goddess complex (Venus, the Dogon Sirius observation and the Venus worship of the Olmecs, the use of the ax in the worship of Shango among he Yoruba of West Africa and the use of the ax in Olmec worship as well as the prominence of the thunder God later known as Tlalock among the Aztecs).It was R1b-V88(Yoruba) that were known as magicians to the Mayans & local Aymara over in Bolivia because of their knowledge of acoustics, which they have preserved from the Nile Valley (Anu colleges of Heliopolis).
Again, we see Toward the end of the Fourth Sun, wars between the gods were taking place. [The Battle of the Titans?] The gods' war brought havoc to the land; wild animals overran mankind, and Tollan was abandoned. The fourth Sun had begun 5,042 years before the time of the Codex Vaticano-Latino 3738 (1533). The time the Fourth Sun ended is not stated, but the Codex was written during the Fifth Sun. The Fourth Sun may have perished by means of the Jaguar. The Fifth Sun is referred to as the Age of Kings by the Incas.
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2023.06.09 16:46 Top-Total692 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Stress-Free Auto Care Experienced Automotive Mechanic Castro Valley
Stress-Free Auto Care Automotive Mechanic Fremont
Rooter Hero PlumbeInstaller Martinez
Rooter Hero DispatcheCustomer Service Rep Martinez
Rooter Hero HVAC Technician Palmdale
Stress-Free Auto Care Automotive Mechanic San Jose
New Generation Improvements Handyman/Carpenter Tarzana
CEDARS-SINAI Cedars-Sinai - New Grad RN Residency Program - Summer 2023 Cohort Alhambra
CEDARS-SINAI Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Alhambra
Sodexo Environmental Services Attendant Bell
CEDARS-SINAI LVN - Dermatology Beverly Hills
Alta Hospitals Registered Nurse (RN) Burbank
Alta Hospitals RN Burbank
HELIX Environmental Planning, Inc As-Needed Biologist Chula Vista
L3Harris Technologies Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Management Claremont
NP Mechanical Rice Services Inc Plumbers - Foreman - New Construction Corona
L3Harris Technologies Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Management Corona del Mar
AMR Emergency Response Paramedic - Located in Grants Pass, OR Crescent City
AMR Paramedic - Located in Grants Pass, OR Crescent City
AMR Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Paramedic Crescent City
Alta Hospitals CRRN Culver City
Alta Hospitals RN Culver City
Alta Hospitals RN Case Manager Culver City
O'Reilly Auto Parts Pick Up and Delivery Driver EUREKA
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:46 grace_notgrave Need advice: my coworker sexually harassed me

I am posting this for a friend who doesn’t have Reddit
I (female, 23) just started my first salary job 5 months ago. It is a job working in marketing for a Fortune 500 company.
Yesterday evening, my city’s division had dinner meeting. At the meeting, mostly everyone drank and spent time discussing work but also personal lives, sports, etc. Most of attendees had a night booked at a hotel so that anyone who wanted to drink would not worry about driving.
As the dinner was wrapping up, myself and 2 other young coworkers decided we wanted to go to one more bar before going to bed. As we were arranging this plan, an older coworker (male, around 50) asked if he could join us. We said it was fine and headed to the bar.
As we were walking in, my ass was slapped two times. I had assumed it was my young female coworker since we are pretty comfortable with each other. We got drinks then the four of us sat down at a table. A few minutes later, the older coworker asked me if I could chat with him at another table, and I said that was fine.
The first few minutes were ok, but then he suddenly asked, “would you want to fuck me?”. I said no and got up to go back to the original table. While I did this, my older coworker went to the restroom. I immediately told my two younger coworkers what happened and they said they watched him slap my ass two times on the way into the bar. I was shocked.
At the same time, my older coworker was walking back to the table so I asked my younger female coworker to go to the restroom with me. For around 10 minutes we discussed the situation and decided the best course of action was just to leave the bar. As we were waiting for our Uber, my older coworker fell completely down out of drunkenness.
My younger male coworker helped him up, then we got into an Uber that took us back to my apartment building (which is only one block from the hotel the three of them were staying at). When we got out, my older coworker assumed that we would go into my apartment building and into my apartment together. We all said no, but he was being persistent.
So for safety, all four of us walked back to the hotel knowing that after my older coworker got to his hotel room, that I would be able to walk back to my apartment safely.
I got home just after midnight and cried for about 30 mins before going to bed.
This older coworker of mine has been with my company for 15+ years, and I’ve only worked here for 5 months. My direct manager is also an older male, and isn’t the type to understand the severity of sexual harassment in the workplace.
In 5 months, I’ve had to complete two separate work harassment training modules, but I still feel as if if this incident was reported to HR that my side would not be taken, even with two witnesses.
Do I just let the situation go and going forward avoid interactions with this coworker (who I do not see on a daily basis) or do I report it to HR?
I want to choose whichever option has a neutral impact on my job and position within the company. I want to report it, but I feel as if all of my coworkers would hate me since my older coworker is loved by so many.
Has anyone faced this same or a similar situation and has advice? I would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.06.09 16:44 yakhinvadim Friday, June 9 — 5 significant news stories

Friday, June 9 — 5 significant news stories
Today ChatGPT read 1066 top news stories and gave 6 of them a significance score over 7.
After removing previously covered events, here is today’s significant news:
[7.7] General Motors adopts Tesla's charging plug standard, joins Supercharger network — Reuters
General Motors (GM) has agreed to adopt Tesla's North American charging plug standard and give GM electric-vehicle buyers access to the Tesla Supercharger network. The move follows a similar decision by Ford, meaning three of the top EV sellers in the North American market have now agreed on a standard for charging hardware. Tesla Superchargers account for about 60% of the total fast chargers in the United States and Canada, according to US Department of Energy data. The alliance among the three leading rival US EV manufacturers has significant commercial and public policy implications.
[7.7] Ukrainian forces launch assault against Russian positions in the south — The Guardian
Ukrainian forces have launched an assault against Russian positions in the south, with tanks, armoured vehicles, infantry and artillery being used in the fighting. The combat, which is taking place south of Zaporizhzhia, includes an attempt to break through in the Orihiv-Tokmak sector, which blocks the route to the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol. The Institute for the Study of War has said that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun, while Ukrainian officials have insisted that they would not make an official announcement when the counteroffensive begins and have cautioned against focusing on a single area, suggesting it could involve a number of components.
[7.3] Russian sabotage group accused of blowing up Ukrainian dam, causing mass flooding — Reuters
Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) has released an audio recording of a phone call it claims proves that a Russian "sabotage group" blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station and dam in southern Ukraine, causing mass flooding and environmental damage. The SBU has opened a criminal investigation into war crimes and "ecocide". Russia has accused Ukraine of destroying the dam, but has not commented on the recording. The SBU said the recording confirms that the dam was blown up by a Russian sabotage group, which wanted to blackmail Ukraine and staged a man-made disaster in the south of the country.
[7.2] Zelenskiy warns of global ecological disaster after Nova Kakhovka dam collapse — The Guardian
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has warned that the ecological disaster caused by the collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam has become a global problem as contaminated waters flow into the Black Sea. The flood waters have brought sewage, oil, chemicals and possibly anthrax from animal burial sites. Kyiv has accused Russian forces of blowing up the dam and committing ecocide. The disaster has affected 100,000 people downstream, with 50,000 hectares of forests flooded, and 20,000 animals and 10,000 birds under threat of imminent death. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, 125 miles upstream from the dam, is also at risk.
[7.1] The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts intensifying weather patterns over winter — CNBC
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced that an El Niño climate pattern, which can cause warmer temperatures and more extreme weather, has arrived and is expected to strengthen over the winter. In the U.S., an El Niño can cause wetter weather in the south and drier conditions in the Pacific Northwest and Ohio Valley, and can potentially lead to a warmer winter in the north. The intensity of the event will influence its impacts. There's an 84% chance for a stronger than moderate El Niño this winter. Global effects may include droughts and fires in Indonesia/Australia and extreme rainfall in eastern South America.
Want to read more?
See additional news on
Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow, News Minimalist
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2023.06.09 16:44 Surferbutthole69 Homemade arc moco slider rig. Took apart a joy stick motion control rig and added my own motor. Used a cnc motherboard attached to a arudino uno to control the axis.

Homemade arc moco slider rig. Took apart a joy stick motion control rig and added my own motor. Used a cnc motherboard attached to a arudino uno to control the axis.
Building my own small stop Motion a studio
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2023.06.09 16:41 grace_notgrave Advice: I was sexually harassed by my coworker

I am posting this for a friend who doesn’t have reddit
I (female, 23) just started my first salary job 5 months ago. It is a job working in marketing for a Fortune 500 company. Yesterday evening, my city’s division had dinner meeting. At the meeting, mostly everyone drank and spent time discussing work but also personal lives, sports, etc. Most of attendees had a night booked at a hotel so that anyone who wanted to drink would not worry about driving. As the dinner was wrapping up, myself and 2 other young coworkers decided we wanted to go to one more bar before going to bed. As we were arranging this plan, an older coworker (male, around 50) asked if he could join us. We said it was fine and headed to the bar. As we were walking in, my ass was slapped two times. I had assumed it was my young female coworker since we are pretty comfortable with each other. We got drinks then the four of us sat down at a table. A few minutes later, the older coworker asked me if I could chat with him at another table, and I said that was fine. The first few minutes were ok, but then he suddenly asked, “would you want to fuck me?”. I said no and got up to go back to the original table. While I did this, my older coworker went to the restroom. I immediately told my two younger coworkers what happened and they said they watched him slap my ass two times on the way into the bar. I was shocked. At the same time, my older coworker was walking back to the table so I asked my younger female coworker to go to the restroom with me. For around 10 minutes we discussed the situation and decided the best course of action was just to leave the bar. As we were waiting for our Uber, my older coworker fell completely down out of drunkenness. My younger male coworker helped him up, then we got into an Uber that took us back to my apartment building (which is only one block from the hotel the three of them were staying at). When we got out, my older coworker assumed that we would go into my apartment building and into my apartment together. We all said no, but he was being persistent. So for safety, all four of us walked back to the hotel knowing that after my older coworker got to his hotel room, that I would be able to walk back to my apartment safely. I got home just after midnight and cried for about 30 mins before going to bed. This older coworker of mine has been with my company for 15+ years, and I’ve only worked here for 5 months. My direct manager is also an older male, and isn’t the type to understand the severity of sexual harassment in the workplace. In 5 months, I’ve had to complete two separate work harassment training modules, but I still feel as if if this incident was reported to HR that my side would not be taken, even with two witnesses. Do I just let the situation go and going forward avoid interactions with this coworker (who I do not see on a daily basis) or do I report it to HR? I want to choose whichever option has a neutral impact on my job and position within the company. I want to report it, but I feel as if all of my coworkers would hate me since my older coworker is loved by so many. Has anyone faced this same or a similar situation and has advice? I would be greatly appreciated!!
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