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Aquarius horoscope

Week from may 20th to may 26th


The best days of the week will be 25 and 26 respectively, with the Moon transiting through the sign of Libra in its Crescent phase. A great week to do everything related to procedures, movements and legal actions. However, it would not be the best to make trips that had to do with the same events, it would only be within your city. The Arcanum that will rule you during these days will be The Wizard, this letter predicts the possibility of achieving goals, although it will be extremely necessary to put your will to the maximum to reach a stable destination within what you want. The weekly and l


Within the work plane, you will have some changes that will need adaptation. For this, you should feel encouraged to accept these changes. In this opportunity, the changes will be positive in the medium term, which will give priority to the patience and enthusiasm that you have. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be La Fuerza, this letter represents you in its entirety as the possibility of growth within your creativity. Some people could request your advice.


Positive days to start a new relationship, as well as to start resolving conflicts those who already have a stable relationship with someone. Time to give everything you can to the couple without leaving anything inside, in this way you can receive the same. News from abroad that could have to do with family and friends, good time to resume relationships from a distance. The letter that will rule you this week will be Death, this Arcane predicts changes within the relationship. Great days to do remodeling in the family home.


In the field of health, those born under this sign, you should pay special attention to everything that is not in the order that corresponds. Some of you, you could experience situations of discomfort that will be circumstantial, although no less annoying. The card that will govern you in this plane will be The High Priest, this Arcanum predicts the need that you will have to consult with a good doctor to be guided towards a better quality of life. If you propose, you will achieve it.

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