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Aquarius horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


A few days that could make you feel quite unstable to the Aquarians in terms of the character in general. However, some other situations could be positive and pleasant, it will only be a matter of seeing around you. The best day will be the 31st with the Moon transiting the Libra follow in its Full phase. From that moment, you will find yourself much more perceptive than usual, your sensitivity will increase. You must let flow to use the perception in your favor. The charter of the week for Aquarius will be The Priestess, this Arcanum predicts that you will have the opportunity to search withi


Days of reflection within the work plane, although it would be smarter to start looking for the opportunity to improve at an economic level, the time is also approaching if you like what you do or any other type of activity will be your vocation. Every decision to make must be analyzed before taking steps to avoid feeling uncomfortable or doubtful. The Arcanum that governs you in the labor field this week will be Death, this letter predicts the need for innovation in work and the entry of money. The possibility of doing so is also predicted by it.


Within the sentimental level, the situation will be more comfortable and they will find unconditional support from both the couple and friends and without any doubt from their own family. Therefore enjoy this, I advise you to go out and know new places to get rid of all bad vibes of your environment and fill yourself with the positive. The ruling card of the week will be The Temperance, this Arcanum predicts the approach of the couple towards you, as well as yours towards the couple. The value they will give you will be what makes you understand that it is worth moving forward.


While health will be one of the situations to be solved during this week, it will not be more careful than normal. Visit a doctor, find moments to rest and find a good daily food. These will be the most important points to improve everything that is messy in the plane of health. The ruling card of the week will be The Force in its inverted position, this Arcanum predicts that there will be a moment of weakness in your health. Therefore, the best thing would be to seek tranquility and prevent everything that causes you nerves and / or anxiety.

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