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Aquarius horoscope

Week from december 17th to december 23th


During the course of this week, the situation will become somewhat uncomfortable for Aquarians, it will be somewhat unstable and a bit complicated in general. However, you will have a stage in which you will feel better, and stability will re-emerge. It will be the best days 22 and 23 with the Moon transiting in your sign in its Crescent phase.


As for everything related to the professional sector, you should have some peace of mind because the amount of work could complicate your harmony. And you can rest assured that you will arrive with everything that you have committed to perform, you will only have to deliver a little more time than usual.


The sentimental level will undoubtedly be the best one to travel during these days. Those born under this sign, you will have the opportunity to start again, leaving behind the attachments that do not help in anything in reality and know true love. Very romantic moments to be lived.


In the field of health, you must perform all types of medical checkups possible. This would be to rule out everything that is wrong. You will have to be patient and look for the means to ensure that situations do not get out of control. The discomfort could be of a short duration.

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