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Aquarius horoscope

Week from october 07th to october 13th


During this week, the Aquarians will have the great task of restoring the balance that would have been lost in some aspects under certain circumstances. On the other hand, the best days to start this restoration will be 9 and 10 respectively, with the Moon transiting the sign of Libra in its New and Growing phase. Unexpected positive changes The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Temperance, this letter predicts a few days in which you will be pointing to your existential reason. The weekly number will be 14 and the color will be yellow.


A week in which the improvement in an economic level will be very marked to achieve unexpected objectives. Although it would be a greater amount of work, and not of chance, the solution to problems of a monetary nature will have its beginning towards the end. It will depend a lot on your work delivery. The Arcanum that will govern you will be La Fuerza, ideal days to enhance outstanding issues, as well as for creativity.


The seduction of the current week, will be your best tool to seduce whoever you want, as long as you know that this achievement will not always lead you to true love, but could simply lead you to a very passionate relationship. Ideal for reconciliation those who have a stable partner and you find something distant. The card that will govern you will be El Diablo, this Arcane predicts relationships with little affective content and much sexual content.


Day 9 will be great to start or resume the destruction of vices of any kind that you might have. The continuity of the week, would be very good to prevent diseases of immune type. Good nutrition and tranquility will be essential to achieve the desired improvement and stability. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The High Priest, this letter recommends you to visit a good doctor to achieve the balance of body and mind.

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