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Aries horoscope

Week from december 17th to december 23th


Very good start to the week for the Arians in general. The best days to be lived will be 17 and 18 with the Moon in its two phases, Waning and New transiting the sign of Sagittarius. This will make the signs of fire away from everything that does not allow you to fully perform in various aspects of your lives.


In the labor field, the offers seem to arrive in an unexpected way. Although it would not be advisable to start having a new job during these days, but rather end with what is already moving correctly and rest a few days. You will have time to get other things to increase your income.


The sentimental level happens in a very special and romantic way. Some people who will be near you will want to deliver something very nice. The surprises around the positive approach in an unexpected way although it will give a special light to your astral energy.


Health will be in good condition, as long as they know how to boast of it, although they do not stop caring for it and maintain the necessary prophylaxis to achieve good times. In the case of those Arians who suffer from a temporary and simple illness, during these days they will finish healing. Patience.

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