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Aries horoscope

Week from may 20th to may 26th


Week that will begin in a great way for the Arians in general. The best days will be 20, 21 and 22 respectively, with the Moon positioned in the sign of Leo in its Crescent phase. Great days to make value purchases (always with conduct) avoiding excesses. Traveling would be a very good option to rest or also to cultivate. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week will be The Priestess, this letter would indicate the possibility of rethinking everything that is not ordered. In short, the result of the letter has positive content as long as you know how to carry it. The number of the wee


Within the labor field the situation will turn with a lot of activity that could leave you somewhat tired. However, that tiredness, that great effort that you make will be positive in the economic and will give you a break in finances. The Arcane that will rule you will be The Star, it would indicate the value that you will give the people of your environment in this aspect and the growth that you will have in a few days. Ideal moment to shine with your creativity.


A lot of activity in the sentimental field, loving, familiar and friendly. Days in which you have the opportunity to heal old wounds and get closer to loved ones. Someone very particular in your lives that you do not see for a long time, will try to locate you. The card that will govern you during this week will be La Temperance, this Arcanum predicts something very special, it is about the pleasant moments that you will live with the couple. It also predicts your own valuation as people so that others do the same.


In terms of health, the most advisable during these days, would be to take care of the diet as much as possible. It is about having a good diet while enjoying and at the same time avoiding the gluttony to which you could be exposed. Some digestive mishaps. The card that will govern you during this week will be The Wheel of Fortune in its inverted position. This announces vomiting, stomach discomfort in general and some digestive discomfort in general.

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