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Cancer horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


This week's trend will be stability in almost every way. The best days will be 25 and 26 with the Moon transiting your own sign in its Crescent phase. Ideal lunation for everything related to family plans, meetings, meetings, dinners, etc. Excellent approaches with loved ones. The card that will govern during these days will be El Carro. This Arcane would be predicting the possibility of resounding success in many aspects of your lives, as well as announcing the support for certain decision-making of close people, such as friends and / or family. The weekly number for Cancer will be 7 and the


In the labor field, the situation enters those that will be stable, the news that could come in these days would be encouragement and encouragement for any project presented (or a specific work done) that will be of very good quality. This will give a conformance to your superiors, or clients, as to make a new offer. The Arcanum of the week for Cancer will be The Sun, this letter predicts you the power of conviction that you will have in the work field given your excellent management. For those of you who do not have a job, you predict the arrival of one.


Great days to spend with the family, make new decorations at home, plan changes together and especially a good week to start the search for offspring. Very noble and rhythmic approaches that will leave you with great inner happiness. The Arcanum that will rule this week those born under this sign on the sentimental level will be The Empress, this letter predicts the possibility of stability in the couple, the definition of what they really want for your lives and what they want from it. It also announces the arrival of a new member to the family.


Some aspects, although the minimum, will not be entirely stable. Health could be marked as one of them, what is recommended during this week in progress will be to try to avoid efforts and start taking breaks even if they are mild so as not to generate exhaustion and with it muscular pains and joints. The weekly charter will be The High Priest, this Arcanum predicts that you might have the need to visit a doctor, and recommends you take care of your spine, especially the cervical.

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