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Cancer horoscope

Week from october 15th to october 21th


A week that will not start the best way for those born under this sign. Although the Lunation will not start the best way this week, it will be very useful to have little dialog with some people and avoid confrontation. The best day will be the 21 with the Moon transiting Scorpio in its Waning phase. Ideal to start or continue any kind of project.


The Laboral terrain will be the more favored during this week, from the beginning to the end of the same. Jupiter would be transiting Scorpio’s planet, giving you the opportunity to change the place of work and get a better one or get an increase in your finances.


In the affective plan, you will have the opportunity to count on your couple during the worst and instable moments you could have. Someone close to you will be very attentive to all related to your spiritual wellness.


Health would be altered, mostly in the nervous system. If you have any strong doubts, don’t doubt and go to your doctor and get some treatment if necessary.

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