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Cancer horoscope

Week from december 17th to december 23th


During the course of this week, the situation would not be completely stable, due to the Lunar expectation that you will have. However, the transit of some planets in the sign of Scorpio could give you a different perspective on what you have in mind to do. Each project should be very analyzed before closing any deal.


This sector will be in a fairly stable and positive situation, although it will also be decisions to be taken relatively quickly. The most advisable thing would be to wait for a complete evaluation of what you really want in your life, without the haste that life suggests many times. With tranquility everything turns out better.


On the sentimental level, those born under this sign, you should have more attention to the couple, give more time and dedication. Those who remain alone, you should look around you and you can see people who really are worth having as a stable couple.


With regard to health, the CancĂ © rans should pay special attention to everything that has to do with emotions and the nervous system. The tranquility during these days may not be entirely positive, although you could find peace in certain activities such as long and gentle walks.

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