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Cancer horoscope

Week from may 20th to may 26th


A week that could be a little unstable due to the Lunar aspect, however. The remaining astral aspect would be generous enough with you to be able to tolerate mood changes that would become habitual during the week. If you had to make some kind of legal movement, it would be a good week for it since your communication (despite your genius) would be in very good condition. The Arcanum that will rule you will be El Colgado, this letter predicts you very good results in what you undertake with tranquility and security. It announces the success in the spiritual subjects as in the intellectuals. You


The work plan will be in an unexpected transition process. Not always the unexpected is the best, although it would not be the worst in this opportunity either. Adaptation to change, would be very necessary during these days, not to feel so much the same. Support from your colleagues and experiences to remember, could lead to success, depend on how you handle it. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be, The Star in its inverted position, this card predicts some delay in this plane that would also be unexpected. If you strengthen yourself in your ideals, you could achieve much


Despite the rest of the situations of the week, this will be the best you can live and take advantage for the future of it. Venus will be in transit in your sign, and will give you the capacity of empathic communication with those people that you like. The reconciliations during the week in the couple, will be very good since they would last in time. Excellent to plan and put to work as well as to start a new romance with a future. Support the couple, she will be the one who gives you the security to face what is not quite right. The letter that will govern you during these days will be The L


Days in which health would meet the need to be well treated, alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, outdoor exercises. All this, it would be very advisable to start doing to improve what is not in its best state. The letter that will rule you in health during these days will be La Luna, in the case of women, you are recommended to visit the gynecologist since you could have some problems of that type. In the case of men, above all it is recommended to take care of everything related to anxiety.

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