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Capricorn horoscope

Week from october 15th to october 21th


An atypical week for those born under this sign, since you will transit several Lunar phases that could be uncomfortable in some respects. The instable days would be 18 and 19 respectively with the Moon transiting in Libra in its Waning and New phases. The day stability will start will be the 20 with the Moon also in Libra in its Crescent phase.


In the laboral terrain, great days could be coming in which to make decisions will not be the best choice. This ambiguity must have to do with the planetary aspectation. After this week and having analyzed every situation, the decision you make would be the right one.


In the sentimental plan, more doors than expected will open. Those Aquarians who are in couple, will have the chance to obtain a relationship with a major commitment. Those in the search could meet genuine and true love you were waiting for.


Health could be with ups and downs that will be remediated in a short time during the present week. You should pay special attention to al related to your diet. There will be the key the improvement.

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