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Capricorn horoscope

Week from august 19th to august 25th


The best days that you will have during this week, will be 22 and 23 respectively, with the Moon transiting in your own sign in its Crescent phase. Ideal week to get serious and start investigating everything that gives you a bad spine. With your instinct and dedication in the search, you will achieve several objectives in a short time. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week will be El Ermitaño, this letter predicts very positive results regarding legal matters or studies. Reaching the goal will be possible. The number that will govern you will be 8 and the weekly color will be yell


The week will be presented with some changes in the labor field unexpectedly. Those who have an effective job, you can decide more peacefully to those who find you doing an internship. Whatever the decision to make, it will be necessary to do it from the harmony of the soul. The Arcanum that will rule you during these days will be The Force, this letter predicts the possibility of a person approaching you to ask for advice about the professional. You will depend on it whether you give it or not.


Good moment in the sentimental plane, sought-after approaches, reconciliations and decisions without haste. The family will be very close to you and will try to give you very useful advice for your future. Moments of romance prior to new relationships that could be stable. The letter that will rule you will be The House of God, this Arcane would be indicating that someone in the family, could want to get into your relationship, which should prevent such an event with peace of mind. Auspicious days for reflection.


On the plane of health, some Capricornians will find you weaker than others. The first ones should surely seek professional help. And those in the second case, rest is recommended, since your biggest problem will be exhaustion due to extreme activity. The letter that will govern you will be The Magician in his inverted position, this Arcane would be warning you of the possibility of having problems with the digestive system due to stress.

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