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Capricorn horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


A week with a somewhat unstable start during the first half of the same, the second part will be more stable in several aspects with a noticeable improvement. The best days of the same will be 29 and 30 respectively with the Moon transiting the Virgo sign in its Crescent phase. The astral aspect, will be very positive throughout the week, to perform analyzes on the purchase / sale of some real estate. The Arcanum regent of the week will be The Wizard, this letter predicts the possibility of obtaining everything that is desired, as well as predicting the opportunity to start over in any aspect


Within the workplace, the opportunity to make a trip of work and pleasure would be presented to you during this week. However, before making such a trip, it would be good to leave everything in order in the professional field so as not to shorten those "minimum vacations". Take advantage and be disciplined before enjoying. The letter that will rule you at work this week will be La Luna, this Arcanum predicts the opportunity for a labor reorganization. As also warns you to be careful with excessive expenses.


A very active week in the emotional field, those who find you without a partner, during these days you will have the opportunity to find it. Days in which there will be many passionate discharges in the couple in a very good romantic combination and you will feel very attractive since Mars will be transiting your own sign. The Arcanum regent in the sentimental plane for those born under this sign will be The Star, a great card in its prediction, since it warns you an incredible moment with your partner. You will have your own light, take advantage of the situation to the fullest.


Days in which what would be found out of place would be discomfort in the neck, back, arms and joints. Everything could be due to a lot of physical effort as well as great stress faced days ago. The most advisable thing would be to find moments for rest that would suit you so well. The weekly letter will be Justice in its inverted position. It warns that you will have to be careful in all possible aspects to avoid major problems, if you feel too uncomfortable, visit a doctor, as it will be a quick solution.

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