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Gemini horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


A week that will be almost anything unstable, especially your character would not be at its best. However, you will have the ability to fight against this situation and obtain social achievements even if they are small. The best day appears on the last day of the week, 31 with the full Moon positioned in Libra in its Full phase. Ideal day to start meditating, make new friends, and you will be very perceptive to everything. Listen to the Universe that is very wise. The Arcanum that will govern you this week will be The Hermit, this letter predicts a moment of intense internal reflection that yo


Some distractions could affect this terrain, although listening to other people who have the same job as you, does not imply doing the same as them. The bad advice could be present during this week, so the most convenient in the field of work, will dicernir what does not suit you, since then you could have a double job to improve it. The Arcanum of the week will be The House of God in its inverted position. This letter predicts some drawbacks within the professional plane, and advises you, if you have to make a decision, be with complete security and prior analysis, since a bad execution coul


The sentimental level, will be the one that is of better form since the couple would be willing to support you in everything necessary, like the closest family. Take advantage without abusing the situation. The letter that will govern this week the love for Gemini will be The Empress, this Arcanum predicts a great stability with the couple and the sentimental relationships that are not so serious yet. Good times to live and enjoy, this will help you to balance the general situation.


Stress could be present during these days of the week for the Geminans. Battling against certain situations could make you unbalanced, however, you will have moments in which you can forget all the negative and live that positive with joy. Moments of ups and downs, pay attention to emotional health. The Arcane of the week will be El Colgado, this letter announces something of neglect, a bit of depression. Although you also predict a short time to live this situation because you will have the right people in your environment to help you.

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