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Leo horoscope

Week from april 14th to april 20th


Great days to go during the week Leoninos, except for one of the half of it that will generate some change of mood. The best days of the week will be 14 and 15 respectively, with the Moon positioned in your own sign in its Crescent phase. Great for simple spare parts inside the house, as well as for short trips. The Arcano that will govern you during the week will be La Luna, the number regent will be 18 and the weekly color will be Yellow.


In the workplace, but especially in the professional decision making, it will be a very good week, since you will have a great opportunity to get a job in which you will feel very comfortable to decide if continue in the same as it would also appear the opportunity to choose another option with some interesting economic improvement. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be El Diablo.


In the sentimental field, the most important will be the point of communication with people close to you, from your partner, your friends to your blood relatives. If you have problems with dialogue with them, you can begin to improve this situation, thanks to the astral astrosión you will have. The letter that will govern you during the week will be La Estrella.


Good time to start putting in mind, body and soul. Although the week will have a very powerful emotional charge since it begins with the Moon transiting on your sign, this situation can be used to obtain favorable results in terms of health in general. A lot of inner strength would be externalized and you can enjoy it to the maximum, taking advantage of it to improve those chronic diseases. The Charter that will govern you during this week will be La Fuerza.

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