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Leo horoscope

Week from december 17th to december 23th


A week that began in a very stable and full of energy for the Leonines. The best days you will have will be 17 and 18 respectively with the Moon transiting the sign of Sagittarius, as will the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. A special conjunction to withdraw from places where they are not completely comfortable and with the opportunity to start a new life of harmony.


Within the labor field, the activity will begin to flow in a more permanent and stable manner. Although previous days could have happened somewhat uncomfortable situations, these next will be completely different for almost all born under this sign. Enjoy and take advantage of professional growth.


In the sentimental field the situation will be very encouraging for the Leoninos. The transit of Venus in Sagittarius, will make you have some very sensitive and harmonious relationship with desire for growth. For those who are already in pairs, good omens of more stability are predicted with it.


Stress during these days, will be absent enough to perform activities that generate some physical effort. Exercises outdoors, no matter too much the climatic state that you have and also to begin to have some treatment that you have postponed as alternative therapies.

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