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Leo horoscope

Week from october 15th to october 21th


A week that will start very active for those barn under this sign, some moments more intense than others, although you will obtain a charge of energy that itís been accumulating since last week. The Best day will be will be the 15 with the Moon transiting in your own sign, take advantage to finish expelling the negative.


During these days the laboral plan could be seen affected by that could have another kind of thinking about reformat and changes that could make those person with more authority inside the place of work. The best would be to let some comments go away.


The week in the sentimental terrain could come in a very active and funny way. People who get closed to you looking for friendship will be sincere, although I must warn you that this kind of approach could cause jealousy in the couple.


In the terrain of health, Leonine should put special attention to all related to the nervous system. You could go through some circumstance that overwhelms you that will make your arterial tension could raise without you notice it or knowing why. With attention just on time, the situation just will pass by.

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