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Libra horoscope

Week from october 07th to october 13th


The best days of this week in progress will be 9 and 10 respectively, with the Moon transiting on your own sign in its New and Growing phases. Great week to relate with new people and start having more empathy with those who do not have it. Ideal to buy or sell, legal procedures, and all kinds of movement related to documentation. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Priestess, this letter warns you that you will have a few days of spiritual search, philosophy of life, and encounter with themselves. The number that will govern you will be 2 and the weekly color will be pale pink.


Within the labor field, those who were going through crisis for lack of work or money, you will have the opportunity to improve this aspect with the arrival of a really positive proposal in your lives. Very opportune time to start learning languages, doors that would open thanks to this new learning. The Arcanum that will rule you during these days will be Justice, this letter predicts a great moment to get new partners, or new jobs. Your creativity will be very active.


Week in which you will find yourself very attractive in everything related to new relationships. Much unexpected seduction towards other people, although the affective content would not be the most remarkable. However, this does not mean that you could not have new relationships with a good future. You just have to know how to expect stability and emotional growth. The card that will govern you will be The Devil, this Arcanum warns you of relations of absolutely superficial content. Beware of giving more than you should.


On the 9th the New Lunar phase will be great for abandoning any type of vices, it would be a beginning for the definitive. The continuation of the week, will be very good to make movements in the field related to stress, visit professionals in the sector, as well as start relaxing activities. The card that will govern you this week will be Death, this Arcanum predicts the possibility of the regeneration of vital organs.

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