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Libra horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


The week will be unstable enough to try to lower your arms in some aspects of life. However, you should bear in mind that everything you have so far has been achieved by your willpower and discipline. The Moon in general will not be negative, and the best day you will have will be the 31st day with the Moon positioned in your own sign in its Full phase. Your perception will be very active, follow what it indicates that it would be a good way. The letter that will govern you this week will be La Luna, this Arcane predicts some misunderstandings that could make you feel uncomfortable, although i


Although the instability of the week will be presented in almost all areas, in the workplace should be attentive to not occur in a prolonged manner. Here the most complex could be misplaced comments that put you in bad. They should only bear in mind that everything will be circumstantial and that with patience the work could be improving little by little. The letter that will rule Libra this week will be The Trial, this letter prevents you from making judgments about colleagues, superiors and / or partners. The discretion will be your best weapon to evolve in this aspect.


Within the sentimental plane, the situation could be positive in relation to the people in your environment, from the couple to the closest family. The support of them, will be really important to have and accept when necessary. The Arcanum regent this week will be The High Priest, this letter predicts the possibility of a very noble relationship with someone older than you. It could be treated from a friendship to a possible union of a couple, although it must be taken into account that whatever it was will always be something really positive for your lives.


Health may suffer some decompensation of the emotional type although it will be relatively circumstantial. The opportunity for improvement would be met by your own inner strength, although in some cases you should seek professional help if the sadness were very intense. On the other hand the Arcanum that will rule health during these days will be El Colgado, this letter predicts your low mood. It will depend on you to improve since you will have to value yourself more.

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