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Pisces horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


Very positive start for the Pisces, the best days will be 25 and 26 respectively, with the Moon transiting the Cancer sign in its Crescent phase. Good to make investments for the house of not very high values, spare parts in the home, and everything that is for the family including the environment. Days of great group activity. The weekly letter that will govern Cancer will be The World, this Arcanum predicts the possibility of concreteness in all your wishes, although it always warns that you will have to decide which would be more relevant. This letter is very good omen, the weekly number wi


The labor field will have very good moments in which you can highlight your skills to people capable of giving you a promotion or also more labor responsibility together with a better economic increase. Take advantage of the Lunación all those who have to do in some way with the art of cultivation. The Arcane of the week will be The Chariot, this letter predicts the possibility that you will have to achieve any goal, indicates that you should not feel fear, that within you is the possibility of absolute achievement.


Good sentimental moment for the Pisces, although the years will have a special touch for the signs of Water, this will be one of the most favored in this aspect. The sincere closeness of the beloved person and the opportunity to improve each day more the relationship, will be at your reach. The Arcanum for the weekly sentimental plane will be The Sun, which predicts a lasting and full love. Those who do not have a partner, this week will present the opportunity to start a relationship with commitment, passionate and stable


In terms of health, some respiratory conditions could affect them. Care about climate changes as well as good nutrition will be the key to achieving absolute improvement. The letter for the health of this week will be Justice in its inverted position. This Arcane shows you the physical sensibility and I would be indicating the need to cover all risks to avoid sickness.

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