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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from october 15th to october 21th


Complicated week as it passes, the beginning will be positive, hence, the right thing will be to take advantage of those days (the first half) to gather enough strength to and not fall. The best day will be the 15 with the Moon in Leo in its Waning phase, giving the opportunity to end up all the negative you have.


In the laboral terrain some up and downs could come, although just momentarily for your good will and great part of the surroundings. Soon, a trip could come to your lives and you could get promoted and demonstrate your abilities. Take advantage of the opportunity.


The sentimental environment including the familiar, will start to have a good change. “That” you have wished for some time will finally get it. And in the best way. Enjoy it and try to find the harmony in it.


Health will come complicated by different factors, one of the clearer ones will be the great climatic change that you will be exposed to. To this you can add the bad quality of defenses due to bad feeding habits or the excess of work of past days.

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