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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


The week will be presented in a very positive way for the Sagittarians in general. The best days will be 27 and 28 with the Moon transiting the Leo sign in its Crescent phase. Ideal for moving, changes of home structures and any type of change that involves family and / or friendly collaboration. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be Justice, this letter has a positive prediction although with some small warnings to reach it. While it predicts you to get to achieve everything you want, also tells you that you will arrive as long as you take the longer way, as it will be the s


Even with Mercury in transit in the sign of Aries, you will be looking very good way to get what you want within the professional plane. The economic investments will be corrected by your own intuition, to which you should pay attention. High financial increase. The letter that will govern you this week in the labor field will be El Ermitaño, this Arcano predicts a very good moment to begin to obtain results about your person. If you have a position in which of your decision depends on hiring staff, it will not be the indicated week for it. However if to observe what your future should be fro


Days to fully enjoy your tenderness and sensitivity in front of others. Venus is in transit in the sign of Aries, which will give you a very loose and dynamic energy passionately. You will have a special attraction for your environment that could make you irresistible. Beware of flirting if you have a partner, in this case it is advisable to focus completely on it. On the other hand the Arcane of the week for the affective ground will be The World, this letter predicts that you will be one of the most spoiled of the zodiac during these days, will please you in everything. Beware of abuse.


On the plane of health, the Sagittarians will be full of vigor and inner strength to be able to face everything that is not entirely comfortable. You will be able to give part of your good energy to nearby people who will need it more than yourselves. The letter that will govern you in this plane during this week will be The Force, this Arcanum would be predicting, vitality, energy and a lot of strength. Those that you need to be operated on, this would be a very good time for it.

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