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Scorpio horoscope

Week from december 17th to december 23th


The week will be unstable due to the Lunar prospect, although not in all aspects since you will have planets that will be in transit in your sign. The most accurate during these days will be to take into account the talks with wise people in your environment and above all who wish your personal growth.


In the labor field, the situation will be somewhat positive during the first half of the week. For you to arrive at a complete positivism, it is best to study each option you have and not miss the opportunities that are offered in the run of these days. Increase in the economic.


The plane of love will be one of which you will have to think very well before taking steps. Mars will be in transit in your sign, knowing that it is the planet of the Woman, the most accurate would be to provide your partner with everything that is related to romanticism and sensitivity, in this way you will get a feeling of stronger union.


Health may present some ups and downs during the current week, however, it will not be something that really happens to be progressive but rather something circumstantial and mild. If you have the opportunity to perform alternative medicine in addition to traditional medicine, it will be very good and convenient for absolute recovery.

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