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Scorpio horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


Very good start to the week for the Scorpios in general, stability will be present during these days. The best Lunar aspect will be on days 25 and 26 respectively, with the Moon positioned in the sign of Cancer in its Crescent phase. Ideal for family projects, trips, shopping, etc. The letter that will rule the Scorpios during these days will be The Wizard, this Arcanum in this first position, I would be predicting the resounding success in practically everything. It also predicts that if you need to start over any type of project from the beginning, you will have no problem doing so. The week


Ideal moment to form new companies, whether small or medium, with the family. While it is not always very positive to make this movement, this time and punctually this week, your closest family, could be a great help to rely on it and at the same time have someone at your side of great confidence. The Arcane of the week for Scorpio will be El Enamorado, the same predicts the achievement of work projects with the couple. If you dedicate yourself to sales, you will have the opportunity to achieve great movements in them and therefore good profits.


The sentimental situation will be very positive and stable during this week. Those who are somewhat removed from the couple, you will have the opportunity of reconciliation without much effort. Those who have plans to increase the family, these will be the auspicious days to begin the search. The letter that accompanies you this week will be El Jucio, this Arcanum predicts reconciliation, reunion and above all, the beginning again with the person chosen in love.


Days of care in the field of health, although it will be a stable week in almost everything, health could be the exception to the rule. Therefore, the most important thing in this opportunity will be rest. They can be small moments of relaxation, as well as during the weekend, go somewhere to relax in good company. This will help improve everything physical that is messy. The ruling card for this area will be El Carro, which predicts the risk of a circumstantial health problem. This Arcanum also predicts that if you perform the movements properly, you will not have major problems.

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