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Taurus horoscope

Week from october 15th to october 21th


During This week Taurean could get to recover from any kind of legal situation that it has been in the past when Mars is transiting Virgo. On the other side the best days would be 16 and 17 with the Moon transiting Virgo in its Waning phase.


In the laboral terrain the tendency to Continue shining and invoicing all right. Economic growth that you could have will be greater than habitual on the coming days, so, you should take advantage to realize some shopping, although not of great value.


Venus will be transiting Virgo, with this Taurean would be celebrating during this coming week. Love will be one of the responsible for your energy and good spirit that you will have all this week.


Health in Taurean could have a Little debilitation, mostly in the bone and/or muscular part. The excess of effort could bring alterations that will not allow you to live your lives fully or normally in your everyday life. Hence, the right thing to do is to be careful with your physical body for some time.

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