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Virgo horoscope

Week from august 19th to august 25th


The beginning of this week could become somewhat unstable in general. However, after the second half everything will tend to improve. The best days will be 22 and 23 respectively, with the Moon transiting the sign of Capricorn in its Crescent phase. This lunation will be great to start controlling what could have escaped from your hands. The corrections would be very accurate and timely. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Priestess, this letter predicts a spiritual rethinking that entails a new stage of life. The number that will govern you will be 2 and the color will be yellow.


In the labor field, you will have to adjust in the words that you say since not everyone will find you in a very good emotional moment, this means that you could hurt sensibilities with sincerity. A project that could go a long way if you commit yourself and if you accept the collaboration of more qualified people. The Arcanum that will govern you will be Death, a letter with a positive charge that announces possible professional changes and with this increase in finances.


Very good week in the sentimental field, although you will find yourself in a moment of attraction continues towards the others, you will have to keep calm and do not take hold of any relationship that comes your way. The family will bring you a very good surprise from which you can take advantage of good energy. The letter that will govern you will be La Luna, it predicts very sensual moments, romantic but somewhat unstable especially the first days of the week.


Within the field of health, Virginians may feel a little tiredness in you. However, the recharge of energy would be in a short term. The good behavior towards your organism would be in full dependence. Alternative therapies would be a very good option to move forward. The card that will govern you during this week will be The High Priest in his inverted position, this Arcane announces a probable discomfort in the digestive environment.

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