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Virgo horoscope

Week from october 15th to october 21th


A week will start stable for Virginian, although it will not have the tendency to absolute energy in all the fields of your lives, you will have a tonality of very positive colors. The best days to realize necessary expulsions without remorse will be 16 and 17 respectively with the Moon in your sign in its Waning phase.


The laboral terrain will have two stages too, same as health, the first half will have a lot of work that could overwhelm you to the point of anxiety. The second half of the same you will be more peaceful and could understand that you could resolve most situations.


A very special week for women, mostly for those born under this sign. Mars will; be transiting Virgo and will leave a special sparkle to get loving relationships, until the achievement of stability in the convivence. A lot of love to give and receive.


In the health plan, the sector that could be more vulnerable would be the emotional one. A specific sequence of situations could make you feel discouraged to realize some common activities. However, this situation will last just the first half of the week and after that all will go back to normal.

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