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Virgo horoscope

Week from march 25th to march 31th


The first days of the week could be a bit unstable, however, the second half of the week the situation will be more favorable and above all more stable. The best days will be 29 and 30 respectively with the Moon transiting your sign. Very good to solve all kinds of legal issues. The letter that will govern you this week will be El Loco, this Arcane would be indicating great possibilities of changes, it could be in principle of some trip as well as a change of partial address. The number of the week will be 22 and the color of the turquoise week.


A week in which it would be very propitious to leave everything in order for a few days to take a mini-vacation. To achieve this kind of thing, the most important thing will be the discipline you must have in the work, the organization and the desire not to leave any urgent issues pending. The letter that will govern this week's work plan will be El Carro, this Arcanum predicts a good professional moment, although it also predicts that any success in this field will depend on you more than anyone else.


The sentimental level will have a great week, in terms of how you feel with yourself and also in what you provoke in other people. Mars will be in transit in the sign of Capricorn, which will make you much more sensual and attractive to the internal and external look. Take advantage of the pleasant situation and let yourself be loved. The Arcanum that will rule love will be Death, this letter announces the possibility of a very intense love, or improving the one you already have or knowing a new one. It also predicts an improvement in the home, works, etc.


Within the field of health, Virginians should take special care with opportunistic diseases. The best form of prevention is having a very healthy diet and performing sports or light exercises, although continuously. The Arcanum that will rule you during the week in health will be The Emperor in his inverted position. It announces the probability of having discomfort in the legs and / or arms and therefore recommends attention if necessary.

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