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Virgo horoscope

Week from october 07th to october 13th


During the course of this week, the Virginians will be very willing to help others that you need. The best days will be 7 and 8 respectively, with the Moon transiting in your sign in its Waning phase. Ideal for analysis and continue with legal movements those who have something in motion. Beware of people that you yourselves feel are not entirely sincere. Follow your intuition. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Priestess, this letter predicts a season in which you will have the opportunity to rethink life, mental search with good results at the end of it. The weekly number will be 2 a


In this new beginning of the week, the bullfighters, loners of the Zodiac, you will be determined to change some circumstances of the work environment. Letting go of something that makes them live with worries at work will be history in a short time, since the new thing that will present itself will be to travel a better professional as well as economic way. The Arcanum that will rule you will be Death, this letter will make you change some points that are not making you completely happy and you will give the opportunity to a new labor movement.


In the sentimental field, the couple will be someone of great importance during these next days, since you will find yourself in situations of definitive decisions, no one better than the one you love to support in each step you take and also in giving advice. On the other hand, you will receive news of a loved one (friend or family) that is abroad. It will give you joy. The letter that will govern you sentimentally will be The Star, this Arcanum predicts a great light of your own that would make you feel very happy and give a lot to whoever is by your side during this next week.


Very good days to start working on the digestive system, control the diet and detoxify the organism of past misuse. Exercise would also be a great solution to situations of stress, as it would be to visit a professional in the field of health to help you release tension. The letter that will govern these days will be The Wheel of Fortune in its inverted position. This Arcanum predicts stomach and intestinal problems that should be circumstantial, anyway the best thing to do is visit a specialist in case of not ceasing.

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