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Eight of Swords
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The woman on the Eight of Swords is lost and alone. She can't see because she is blindfolded. She can't reach out because she is bound. She can't move freely because she is caught in a prison of swords. It seems she has wandered far from home - her place of security far away on the hill. How can she get back? She doesn't even know which way to go. The Eight of Swords stands for those times when we feel lost, confused and powerless. Help and relief seems very far away.

Sometimes we feel restricted by circumstances. We wake up one day in an impossible situation. A dead end job. A troubled relationship. Mountains of debt. How did this happen? We have no idea. Even little problems can make us feel trapped. There just doesn't seem to be a way out. Sometimes life seems fine - on the surface. "I have everything I want. I should be happy, so what's the problem?" We just don't know. We're confused and unsure.

In readings, the Eight of Swords is often a sign that you are heading toward (or already in) a situation in which you will feel a lack of freedom and choice. Such situations are tricky because the more you get into them, the more restricted you feel. At each step, your options seem to narrow until you feel completely stuck.

When you see this card, remember that you do have choices, and you do have power. No matter how trapped you feel, you can find a way out if you believe it is possible. The young girl in the picture could free herself. She could wriggle free, tear off the blindfold, and kick down those swords. Solutions are not always easy, but they exist. Find your clarity of thought and purpose (the Swords ideal) and use them to take that first step toward home.

Suggestions Eight of Swords:

When the Eight of Swords appears in a Reading, there will be a sense of panic about an issue or situation. Negativity, pessimism and doom and gloom will govern. There is a belief that you have no options and are stuck in a situation you cant get out of. Depression and fear controls your every thought. You may feel like the victim or martyr and that no one understands you. Close friends and family will already have given you good advice and possible solutions to your dilemma but it is doubtful you have listened. You will have an excuse as to why nothing will work and how pointless it is in trying. When people try to help and see no response or effort coming from your side, they eventually back off or give up. This leaves you, the victim, with a sense of isolation and deepening loneliness. Your mind is then free to turn even more negative, and convince you further, of how futile and hopeless your situation is. A vicious cycle becomes entrenched and the longer it goes on the more paralysed you become. You may believe you are doomed and that your fate is sealed.

Negative aspects Eight of Swords:

Freedom, Escape, Breaking Free, Release, Difficulties Overcome, Pressure Off, Options, Solutions, Possibilities, Opportunities, Doors Opening

keywords: Eight of Swords:

Restrictions, Entrapment, Confinement, Caught in a Bind, Fenced In, Restrictions, Stagnation, Dilemmas, Crisis, Calamity, Drama, Confusion

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