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JUSTICE : Justice can be defined as a kind of commerce. To obtain something, you have to pay for it. Justice refers to those single and meaningless things that we take for granted in our life. Justice is possible only if we give and take. Justice represents the law of exchange, we take something and we must give something in exchange. If you equalize both plates on the scales, you'll have reached justice.
Unlike other images of justice, this one is not blinded, but even like that it won't be diverted by envy and temptation. When this card is shown you should figure out that you won't be getting all you want, but only what we really deserve in a fair, balanced and honest way.
Justice prevent us from violating everybody else's rights. It teaches the property principle and respect for somebody else's patrimony. . Anyone who doesn't respect everybody else's property, risk his or her life. To really understand Justice, we have to weigh not only material goods, but feelings and thought also.

Suggestions Justice:

Report crime, fight against injustice. Listen to everybody else's opinion before you get to a decision. Be impartial.
Be objective, and fair in your criteria. Do not accuse if you don't know the truth previously. Accept your karma. If you show spiritual qualities, like love, patience, sacrifice and good will, your problems will be lighten. Make long term plans.
When you need to reach a decision, consider pros and cons. You could use an imaginary balance to represent your choice. Look for balance and equality. Observe your own defects.

Negative aspects Justice:

Indecision, injustice, Too much power when is not necessary, bad intentions, disease, only cares about his or her own methods, awarded crimes, blind justice, man created justice, disadvantage, propaganda, don't let them help, chaos, suffering, karmic debts, prison, laxness, when severity is required, rigor when compassion is required.

keywords: Justice:

Readjustment, diplomatic, moral/ethics, law/lawyers, code of behavior, accusation, witness, guilt, deal, judgment, defendant, pain, punishment, categorical, sentence.

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