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The Hermit
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THE HERMIT : We all need to be alone in occasions, as much as we need to be with company. How often do we delegate temporary in others our own responsibility and save that valuable time for our own enjoyment? We need that space to grow, to nurture us, to be, to not to do anything particular. We are so used to feel that we must "do" something at all times, instead of simply "be".

The Hermit shows that our moments of solitude do not have to necessarily be a sour experience: loneliness gives us the opportunity to analyze ourselves in depth and to examine our feelings and emotions. A lot of the most beautiful poetry, literature and music of this world, was created under these emotional states.

He points out too, that when we receive a valuable help, at the same time we can help others, it's a give and take without asking anything in return. There is a point when we start questioning what is obvious in life. We feel that there is a more profound reality, and we start looking for it. This is a lonely quest because those answers can't be find in the outside world, but inside ourselves.

Suggestions The Hermit:

Lay a hand whenever necessary.
Don't hurt people of goodwill.
Look for goodness in people.
Take part in voluntary works.
Spend time alone, pray.
Learn to use your hands in a constructive way,
Spend two days on your own in the woods.
Don't rush over new duties, look before you jump.

Negative aspects The Hermit:

Censorship, lives in darkness, He doesn't help people, uses them, shy/introverted, coldness, jump into conclusions too fast, narrow minded, fussy, strange, retirement/alienation, unsociable, loneliness, apprehensive, perfectionist, alienation, isolation, unable to get in touch with people, resentful, look for defects, refuse s help.

keywords: The Hermit:

Esteem, valuation, commentary, exam, observes/looks , modest/humble, meditation/prayer, fast with words and hands, withdrawn, fasts, spiritual quest, thinker, writer, medicine/alternative therapy, meticulous, immaculate, reserved, diligent, order/method, selective.

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