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The Hierophant
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THE HIGH PRIEST: or Hierophant, symbolized religion through the image of the Pope. Religion is the acknowledgement of the link between man and God. His function is to unveil the mysteries and esoteric doctrines.

The High Priest tells us about compassion and charity. Help provided to his fellow men doesn't give him direct benefits.
He teaches us lessons of constancy, loyalty, patience and perseverance to face obstacles. The teachings of The Hierophant have not change significantly through the centuries or in different parts of the world. He teach us to respect faith and other people's belief. His more important teaching is: " By their fruits ye shall know them", in other words, the actions of a person say more than his words

The High Priest is a symbol of the need to adapt to pre established rules or situations. His appearance in a reading can show that you are fighting against a force that is not spiritually free or has attained individuality . Groups could be enriching or suffocating, depending on circumstances.

Suggestions The Hierophant:

Explore new beliefs.
Learn to listen.
Believe in what people say. Volunteer to cooperate in beneficial activities. Teach wisdom and love. Read about secret rituals on ancient Greece, Egypt, etc. Think about your life as a set of initiations. Create your own rituals with a with a concrete purpose in mind, for example be courageous, get rid of fear, persons or negative situations in your life.

Negative aspects The Hierophant:

Dogmatic, sermonizer, things can change, autocratic, orthodoxy, worship/sects, too many charity works, placed on a pedestal, social position, celibacy, politics, theoretical, conformist, ungrateful, inflexible, immoral, patriarchal, hypocrisy, pressure groups, conspiracy, transmitters, sophism, mafias/triads/indoctrination, secret societies.

keywords: The Hierophant:

Hierarchy, philosophic, keys/writings, dream interpretation, revelation, communion, vocation, candles, holy scriptures, community, benefactors, honors, fraternity, perpetual, ethic, builders, steady marriage, help/aid, mantra, invocation, magician, respect, tradition.

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