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The High Priestess
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THE HIGH PRIESTESS : is synonymous of virginity and purity( Mother Mary, Isis the goddess). In this case, virginity it's a symbol for purity of thoughts, feelings, wishes, words and gestures.

The mysterious High Priestess keeps jealously her secrets and knowledge about the arcane. This card symbolizes the unconscious, the worries about our interior world, the spiritual forces and understanding of higher truths through dreams and intuition.

Suggestions The High Priestess:

Spend a day gazing at the sea. Purify your feelings and emotions. Think first and feel afterwards. Don't get into other people's business. Hold a jewel in your hand. Empty your mind and observe the images and feelings that overwhelm it. Try to find more information about water. Ask and you will receive. Enhance your intuition. Give your life a perspective.

Negative aspects The High Priestess:

Superstitious, doubt/contradiction, fear to the unknown, nostalgia, psychic attack, blocked feelings, cold, uncontrolled fantasy, a sense of impurity...physically or mentally. sacrifice, passivity, sexual manipulation, mystification, a wish to remain anonymous, cloister,, feminism, (women leadership), puritanical, mystery.

keywords: The High Priestess:

Common sense, good memory, receive//pick up, subliminal, duplication/reproduction, premonition, inciter, intimacy, observer, time, imbued, information, energetic, neutral, fluids/layers, shrewdness, sanctuary, deja vu, reminder, stimuli, answer, matriarchal, subjective, wisdom, repetition, pattern, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, myth and legends, impressions, gestation/matrix, energy fields, impregnation/channeling, emanations.

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