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The Magician
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THE MAGICIAN : The Magician talks about communication and the development of the ability to understand clearly. We will evolve through the exercise of mind, as well as reason. The Magician remind us that that we have to avoid blind faith and even strong emotions. The training and study of the mind, will give us the opportunity to develop our faculties in a systematic way.

The Magician shows how to communicate, how to sell our ideas, how to develop our inventiveness and some other abilities, like how to solve problems, how to take different tasks at the simultaneously.

Suggestions The Magician:

Learn how to communicate efficiently. Communication is all and all is communication.
Clarify your ideas. Use the power of autosuggestion or imagination to create what you wish in life.

Trust things to your memory.
Value knowledge and use what you have learned.
Show your flair or abilities, be competitive.
Before you talk, fill your words with love and conviction.
Don't be an spectator in your own life, be the main actor!

Negative aspects The Magician:

Too intellectual, fake image, skeptical, lies to avoid real communication, tricky, able to justify anything, a tendency to fake, flattering, tendency to imitate, deceiving.

keywords: The Magician:

Flexibility, discrimination, interchange of ideas and opinions, skill, details, imitation games, affirmations, potentiality, final results, professional realization, information/investigation, writer, independent, able /competitive, intention, projection, passionless language, logic, belief systems, instruction, promoters/negotiators, concentration, agreement, reflexive, international relations.

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