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The Star
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THE STAR : is related to hope and expresses, in the spiritual plane, immortality, eternal life, but not physical but in an intellectual way , the light that lights the spirit.

In the physical plane, hopes that everything will go right. The Star represents a new perception, a new way to see things, consciousness, symbol for light and Divine Energy from which a new hope and the connection with our spirit arises and our intuition of things related to the world beyond.
The Star card provides the wish to find inner peace, it's a card that makes the consulting person to open up and be receptive and reminds him/her to have a heart free of resentment and doubts, but always keeping in mind that this is a card that inspires a solution in front of a problem, but it doesn't give a definite solution, but puts in the hand of the consulting person that solution.

Suggestions The Star:

Learn to recycle, reduce leftovers.
Be receptive to new changes or tendencies.
Think whatever you want to think.
Restore peace and love in your daily life.

Negative aspects The Star:

Racism, waste/contamination, animal experiments, dictatorship, impersonal, meek as a sheep, disconnection, lack of interests for humanitarian matters, repression, looses time in never ending discussions.

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