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The Tower
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THE TOWER : The Tower is a destabilizing card, serrated rocks that fall in flames, thunder, definitely this looks problematic!, This card for those who don't like changes, it won't be welcomed. Usually change is gradual, giving us time to adapt, but sometimes is so and explosive, and this card represents a fast and dramatic reversal.
The Tower tests the foundation of our lives, Do we build castles in the air, or do we build them on solid ground? Therefore, if we wish that everything go smooth, we have to assume the responsibility of our lives. We can't keep on blaming our parents, our education, government, or to the gods: we most recover the power assuming our responsibility. When we blame external factors of our own mistakes, we are getting rid of our power and quitting any opportunity to change.

The Tower urges us to be cautious. If something is built over sand, or if the foundation are not strong enough, obviously that in time will fall down.

Suggestions The Tower:

Be prepared when problems arise.
Do not suppress anger.

Use energy in a constructive way to initiate the transformation and get rid of old forms. Show yourself willing to change old ways.
Build you life over solid foundation.

Negative aspects The Tower:

Vandalism, confusion, stormy, brake down, error, ruins, fall, build castles in the air, rigid, "know-it-all,", fury/violence, rabies/ferocious, misogyny, danger, destructive, collapse, changes shape.

keywords: The Tower:

Sudden, light speed, fire tension, shake, impetuous, surprising, warning/test.

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