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DEATH : This card means destruction, transformation. The XIII Arcane wants to show the perpetual movement of creation, expressed in the spiritual plane. The perpetual movement of creation: destruction and revival, In the intellectual plane, the ascension of Spirit to the divine spheres. In the physical plane, natural death, meaning, the transformation of human nature that reaches its last stage.
Change, transformation, death in our life of something, but not necessarily announces physical death, in reality is talking about a coming transformation in life.
Death is, in a lot of senses, a commemoration of life. Its spring after a long cold winter. When spring comes, earth warms up and start to sprout new seeds and leaves. On the air there is a sense of renewal and freshness. The animals, plants and human beings reborn. Death is a symbol of revival.
The aspect of the Death card lead us to ask to what point we look for a solution to our problems. Do we just limit ourselves to "go shooting", to continually cut the leaves of our problems so they can grow and continue afflicting us?

Suggestions Transformation:

If you fail in any endeavor, get away from it, study it and try again.
When you quit a bad habit, replace it by a good one.
Don't be afraid of changes.
Learn to overcome your losses and keep ahead.

Don't hold your dying friends or family or try to establish communication with them. Let them go in peace.
Set aside negative conditions to start all over.

Negative aspects Transformation:

Resurrection, secret, orgasm, fantasies, enigma, decided, depth, metamorphosis, fascinating, pain and pleasure, tenacity, under control, terror(movies, books), sensation, change, sacrifice.

keywords: Transformation:

Obedient, suspended activity, delay period, visions, mysticism, vapors, fog, wait, overcoming, lack of interest, misty, calm, confusion, transition, delay, sacrifices.

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